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Frizzy Hair Tips

Lalan Maliakal
So, you have a bad hair day. Your hair just doesn't seem to stay the way you want it to be. Here are some tips, which are useful to deal with the frizz and make you look good.
Breakage in your curly or wavy hair usually tends to make it frizzy. Often brushing or rigorous combing when the hair is wet can lead to breakage. There are certain things you need to look into, which are of utmost importance when it comes to taking care of your hair. If you ask someone for remedies, you will be amazed at what people come up with, and the list would be endless.

Tips to Deal With Frizz


Choose a low-maintenance hairstyle. You may feel that donning long hair is the 'in thing', and you are skeptical to do away with your long tresses. Think again! You could still look glamorous by cropping them short. Short hair doesn't need frequent brushing or combing.
 You could still make a style statement. Remember, it's not always about how you look, but it is about how well you carry it off. The attitude counts. One of the important tips is to trim the split ends regularly. You do want your hair to look healthy, beautiful, and bouncy, don't you?

Hair Products

Shampoos and Conditioners: Shampoos specifically formulated for frizz often contain emollient ingredients, which gently washes the hair making them softer. Conditioner is absolutely essential after washing it. There are various deep moisturizing conditioners available that you can choose from. Washing your hair frequently is not recommended as it robs it of its natural oil.
Oil: You may not want your hair to look oily when you go to work. But, who says, you need to oil them during weekdays? Make it your weekend stress buster.
Styling Products: As a kid, you must have heard this famous nursery rhyme, 'Curly locks, curly locks, would you be mine'? As we grow up, the curly locks tend to become frizzy and lack luster. Any takers, now? Using a hot flat iron to straighten the hair will do more harm than good. Use of chemicals like coloring agents and anti-frizz products are not advisable, and if you want to do so, consult your hairdresser!

Environmental Factors

Rains: Rains can dampen your spirit and also your hair. Dampened hair makes it frizzy. During the rainy season, the simplest way to save yourself and the hair from getting wet is by carrying an umbrella. Here, you can't complain about style as you will come across lot of umbrellas which are trendy. You have a lot of them to choose from.
Pollution: So, you like window shopping. There is enough pollution outdoors, that can rob the gloss from your hair. The pollutants in the form of gases emitted by vehicles can be another reason for this.
Sun and Wind: Few things you just can't avoid. But, you can definitely avoid exposing your hair directly to the sun and wind. Cover your head with a hat, or even better, wear a scarf. Isn't it the best way to look sophisticated?
So if you want smooth, lustrous hair, follow these points carefully. After all, it's all about how good you are to your hair. It is an asset and it needs to be taken care of. These frizzy hair tips will definitely reduce your problem if not eliminate it. Remember, you cannot change things that nature has bestowed upon you, but what you can change is your bad hair day!