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Frizzy Hair Home Remedies

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani

Frizz is difficult to manage. However, there are some simple ways you can tame your tresses without having to go for expensive salon treatments. Here are some effective remedies.
Curly hair, in spite of its texture, is very delicate. Well-maintained curls look appealing, but it's difficult to tame the frizz. Right from proper combing to styling, this hair type is not so easy to maintain. The worst part is that curly hair is very prone to frizz. Whether you have thin or thick hair, frizzy, puffy hair looks very untidy. Hence, people with this hair type end up searching for different ways to treat it.
The first thing that comes to everyone's mind in order to tame the frizz is straightening or using hair relaxants. Both these procedures involve chemical treatments, which in turn worsens the condition. The root cause of frizz is the lack of moisture.
Chemical treatments further rob the hair of moisture, thereby aggravating the condition. Home remedies are safe, inexpensive, and easy to follow at home. All you need is a little time to pamper your hair. You can find a plethora of natural solutions that do not cause any side effects.

Reduce Hair Styling Products

One of the most profound causes of frizz is the excess use of a blow dryer. This is more applicable to individuals having thick hair. Blow drying hair is not at all recommended for curls, instead you can opt for air drying. Try squeezing hair with a towel, or use super-absorbent paper towels. Also, reduce the use of chemical-based hair products like mousse, gel, dye, perming solution, etc., as far as possible.

Minimize Shampooing Frequency

While regular shampooing is essential to get rid of oily hair and dandruff, over-washing and excess shampooing leaves the hair dry. This makes it susceptible to breakage, and ultimately leads to frizz. Consider reducing the use of shampoo. A good idea is to only condition your hair a couple of times between shampooing sessions.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Deep condition at least once a week. If you have colored or permed hair, you can increase the frequency of applying a deep conditioner. After shampooing, when the hair is still moist, you can use a leave-in conditioner (not oil-based) to ensure that the hair retains moisture.

Rely on Natural Hair Products

While selecting any hair care products, take a note of the ingredients mentioned in the label. Avoid oil-based formulas, as they exacerbate frizz. Also, ingredients like alcohol, calcium, sodium, and lithium hydroxide are strictly not prescribed for curly hair as they dry out your tresses. You can rely on herb-based hair care products for impressive results.
A stress-free life, eating a balanced diet, and regular exercise are crucial for healthy hair and overall fitness.