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Classy French Manicure Designs for Plush Nails

Rutuja Jathar
Cute French manicure designs have always been in vogue. These are, indeed, a nice option for those elegant yet common traditional ones.
Women hanker a lot for those beautifully groomed long fingernails. In fact, there is no other method to make them more attractive than getting a French manicure done.
French manicure is a classic and sophisticated form of manicure and one of the most elegant types of nail art.With this, nails look well-groomed, which help in establishing the personality of a woman.
Traditional French manicure has a light pink (or nude) base nail coat and stark white polish on the nail tips. The latest designs are suitable for all occasions, right from a formal dinner night to a dazzling cocktail party. They look attractive, and one can learn the art of creating them easily.

Unique Designs

One of the biggest advantages of having them is the escape from the 'ordeal' of picking the perfect color shade every time.They look trendy with their basic light pink and bright white combination and suit every attire and occasion.
Today, the classic French manicure is modified with the use of some trendy artistic designs, patterns, colors and styles. They are now transformed into stylish French nails with numerous additions in their basic texture.


One of the unusual and unique designs that brings great relief for girls who are yearning for a stunning color shade rather than the lily white tips. If you want to sport this style, first cover the nails with a base coat of any opaque color shade.
After drying completely, apply a half moon nail tip with a darker color shade than the base coat. For instance, if you are using white nail color as the base, then opt for black, bright red or silver color for the tips. Once the tips are dry, seal both the layers with a nice top coat.


This art requires skills to get those swift brush moves. It can be applied on regular manicured nails as well. You need a few contrasting nail polish colors. For instance, red, green, yellow, white, silver, blue, pink, yellow. The choice is yours.
Apply a few dots (4 to 5 each) of all the nail polish colors on the nail tips in a random manner. There is no rule for this application; just do it freely. Now, to get a marbled effect, drag a striper brush over the color dots and move it in a soft swirling motion.


This design is great for teens and can be used as wedding nail designs. Draw a diagonal line near the nail tips with a strip tape. Area above the line will serve as the tip of the nails. Now, coat the tip with an opaque shade and the rest with a sheer shade.
Making this design is very easy. To make it more attractive, you can create marbled manicure on the diagonal tip of your nails, too. Once you learn and get acquainted with this art, then modifying the base design and developing your own style is not that difficult.


It doesn't require a lot of modification. Chevron art emphasizes adding angles to the regular half moon tips. The sharp edge, which is formed in the middle of the nail tip, boasts an elegant and utterly feminine nail art.
The nail tips have a sharp or slightly curvy (petal-like) shape, with a point in the middle. You can decorate this middle point with an artificial stone or a simple dot of a contrasting nail polish. Chevron manicure can also be performed with the reverse method by using the desired color combination.


This design is all about an attractive change in the original French manicure. It emphasizes on having the same stark white, half moon tips with a small curve at the base of the nail, giving it a stunning look.
All you need to do is to create a small curve at its base (with the same color that you intend to use on the tips) and the regular French manicure tip. When both these curves get completely dry, then color the rest of the nail with a contrasting shade. This look is indeed unique and you can do a lot of color variations with this design, as well.
So, all said and done, now grasp up these techniques and then get trendy with some of the above-mentioned designs. You can also add glitter on the regular white tips to give your nails a trendy look.