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French Braid Styles

French braids are classic hairstyles, but tough to make. However, with practice you can learn how to braid and try variations of this braid. Read on...
Pragya T
French braids are great hairstyles suitable for medium or long hair length. It is also an elegant-looking braid hairstyle and you can wear it anytime. Whether it comes to going to a party or a football match, French braids are a great style.
These braids are also a great solution if you are having a bad hair day. Mentioned here are the steps to guide you to make the French braid yourself.

How to French Braid Your Hair?

Keep practicing the steps mentioned here to make a French plait; you can place a mirror behind you, to see how you are plaiting your hair.
• When learning to create a French plait yourself, it is good if you start from hair which is long.
• Work with slightly wet or slightly dirty hair, or use a spray mist on your hair if you have shampooed clean hair. This is because clean strands of hair will be difficult to work with, as they will not stay in place.
• So start by taking a small section of hair from the front of your hair. Then pull it backwards and separate this section of hair into three equal parts. Hold one part in right hand and the rest two in left hand.
• To cross the layers, take the hair part in your right hand and place it over the section of the center, then take the section in the left hand and cross it over in the middle. Repeat this step again.
• To make this braid look like a French braid hairstyle, you need to keep adding sections of your hair in with each left and right hand intake. These intakes should be maintained as even as possible to make your braid look good.
• For a softer look make a loose braid, for a neat looking braid pull the hair tighter.

Different Style Ideas

One you know how to make a French braid you can try out the different cool variations of this hairstyle.
• A simple style is to French braid your hair till the nape of your neck, then tie a rubber band and leave the rest of the hair open. This will give a braid and pony combined look.
• A great style is to part your hair in the middle, then form small braids on both the sections of your hair.
• For a romantic look, try parting your hair in the middle, then take hair from the front section of the hair. Form small French braids on either side and secure them behind your ears with hair pins. If you are going to a party, then you can consider tying the open hair, plaiting it, and then fixing it in a updo hairstyle.
• Here is another cute and quick style you can try out. Brush your hair well and then make a side parting. Take a front section of your hair on the bigger side of the parting, French plait this hair, then secure the plait behind your ear with hair pins. Brush the rest of the hair again and leave them open.
So, keep practicing the mentioned braiding instructions. Once you are able to make this braid properly, try out the mentioned cool variations.