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Formal Hairstyles for Long Hair

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Get introduced to the latest and most happening formal hairstyles for long hair. Tap through and you will find some of the most appealing and trendy ways of styling your hair.
Formal hairstyles are basically meant to be worn on special events like prom nights, weddings, etc. You can try formal hairstyles for long hair that can include various styles and shapes. You can always try upcurls, downcurls, half-up or half-down styles, braid hairstyles, and plaited hairstyles.
The formal hairstyles should be created to match your dress and style for the event. If you pin-up or tie up your hair, it will be long-lasting and cannot be easily disturbed by wind, moisture, or rain.

Let us look at some trendy and interesting formal hairstyles for long curly hair.


You need to gather your hair in a ponytail and then coil the pony into a roll. Pin the roll with bobby pins. You can let a few strands of hair fall over your face to create a pretty look or apply gel and get every hair strand in place for a more sophisticated and mature look.
You can decorate your chignon with embellishments and fancy hairpins with jewels.

French Twist

French twist is the most attractive wedding hairstyle for long hair. You can tie a low ponytail without a rubber band by holding the pony at the nape and twisting it upwards. As you twist, tuck the ends under the roll till you get a smooth roll.
Secure this with bobby pins. You can leave some strands or add some curls behind your ears. Make your French twist more attractive with some embellishments and jewel studded hairpins.

French Braids

French braids look mesmerizing for a formal event. If you want to show off your long tresses, French braid is the answer. You can create a French braid by taking small and equal strands of hair from each side and twist them into a braid. This is one great formal prom hairstyle for long hair, to help you create a romantic, yet sophisticated look.


Who would have thought a simple ponytail can become a sensuous and elegant prom hairstyle for long hair. If you do not have the patience and someone to help you tie a French twist, you can always go for a ponytail. You can blow dry your hair and curl the ends. Then pull the hair into a ponytail that will help create a wild and happening prom hairstyle.
If you have long blonde hair, pull them into a high ponytail. Secure your hair with a tight hairband. Take a strand from the pony tail and twist it around the hair band. Make sure you conceal the hairband properly. Secure the twisted hair strand with a small bobby pin under the ponytail. You can even try some bangs and fringes to go with this look.
If you are wearing an off-shoulder dress for a wedding, try a low ponytail. You can use hair care products like hair gel that will help you keep your hair in place. Tie a loose pony tail and allow a few stands of hair to fall over your face in an elegant manner. This works for those with straight hair.

Formal Updo Hairstyles

You can create an elegant yet carefree look with formal updo hairstyles. You need to gather your hair on the sides of the head together and make the ends meet at the crown of the head. Fasten it with a jewel-studded hair pin, so that the back of the hair remains down.
You can even curl your hair to create a more sleek and sensuous look, or you can even wash your hair with a volume enhancing shampoo and conditioner and apply a heat protecting spray to wet hair.
Comb through wet hair with a wide toothed comb and blow dry them. Create a 3 inch wide section of hair in the front and back, right at the middle, not even slightly towards left or right. Then secure the parted hair with an ornamental clip and comb the rest to achieve a smooth finish. This will prove to be a great formal updo hairstyle for long hair.

Formal Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Ladies with long thick, curly hair should not feel left out. There are many formal hairstyles for curly hair and you can even attempt the aforementioned hairstyles. You need to take care as curly hair tend to turn dry and brittle. When your hair is smooth textured, properly conditioned, and non-frizzy, you can easily try the hairstyles described here.
One of the formal hairstyles for curly hair is the rose style. With your finger, lift your hair from one side and smoothen them with a comb. Once your curls smooth out, slide in a thick barrette into the hair you just parted. Secure the barrette along the head and use hair care products like a liquid curl definer to give a finer and glossy appearance.
If you are trying out this hairstyle as a wedding hairstyle for long hair, add a rose, carnation, or rhinestone clip to your hair to make it look more attractive. This hairstyle is perfect to match a little black dress.
You can even try cornrow braid hairstyles for curly hair. You can create cornrows for the hair from the front till the crown. Secure the cornrows at the crown and let the remaining curls straighten out or fall as a fan around the sides and back. This is a very wild and untamed look that can be perfect for a rebellious and formal prom hairstyle.
You can try different formal hairstyles and formal updos for long hair, that suit your face shape and dressing style for the event. You can achieve a formal updo hairstyle with the help of a Sedu flat-iron and even try using some hair extensions. Team your hairstyle with the perfect make-up ideas and accessories.
Whatever the event, put your best foot forward or rather put forth the best formal hairstyle and be the most envied and talked about beauty of the evening.