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Foods that Cause Acne

Amruta Deshpande
A common question asked by people, who suffer from acne, is that, which are the foods that cause the outbreak of these unwanted pimples? Here, we have enlisted for you, the foods that can be responsible for an acne breakout, and which you should avoid.
There is a lot written and said about the causes of acne. Although, there is no direct connection between the diet and acne, a healthy diet plays a key role in the overall well-being and appearance of a person. When the body gets all the essential nutrients, it is clearly reflected through the person's appearance.
However, there are several foods that trigger acne breakouts, but the foods in the list may vary from person to person. It mainly depends on how your body reacts to a particular food. Certain foods can be the cause of acne and pimples in some, while in others the consumption of the same foods may not pose a problem at all.

Foods Responsible for Acne Breakouts

The most common cause of acne is an allergy to a particular food or food group. When your body is allergic to a particular food item, continuous toxic reactions take place in the body. This leads to the inflammation in the skin resulting in clogged pores, thereby causing pimples.
Certain foods cause cystic acne, which is difficult to treat. As already mentioned, it's difficult to standardize the list of foods triggering the breakout, as the causative factors may differ from person to person. However, there are certain common foods that can invite acne, which have been mentioned here:

Red Meat

Red meat is known to trigger acne in many cases. Animal proteins are difficult to digest as compared to the vegetable ones. The waste products left in the body may be released through the skin, which results in acne.
Moreover, there are hormones present in such foods, so consuming them leads to a rise in the hormone levels, which may result in pimples.

Dairy Products

Researchers claim that dairy products may have a negative impact on the skin, milk being one of the significant causes for acne breakout.
This is mainly because of the fat content, and also the hormones present in milk. However, not all, who drink milk get pimples. Excessive consumption of dairy products can also worsen the condition.


Egg is one of the most common food allergen, that can trigger acne. Generally, it is the egg yolk that is considered to be the main culprit, so egg lovers can still have the pleasure of egg whites.

Processed Foods

Processed foods contain a lot of preservatives and additives, which may not be good for your skin. They contain toxins, which may trigger acne breakouts. Refined sugar or artificial sweeteners can also be harmful for an acne-prone skin.


Wheat and other grains are also not good for acne-prone skin, as they get converted into sugars after consumed. Many bacteria and parasites causing pimples and rashes feed on them. So, avoid products containing grains like biscuits, bread, pasta, etc.


Foods containing caffeine, like, chocolates, coffee, tea, and other cola drinks, are known to be the common cause of acne. Caffeine increases hormone production, and can lead to major acne breakouts.
This list will aid in identifying the foods (if any) that trigger acne in your case. Avoiding those can help get a clean, healthy, and radiant skin. Also, consume plenty of fresh fruits, and drink adequate water to help flush out the toxins from your body. Regular exercises and a well-balanced diet is the key to a clear and flawless skin.