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Using Foam Hair Rollers to Get Those Curls

Veethi Telang
Fond of curls but dread the damage? How about using foam hair rollers for this purpose in a way that does no harm to your hair but gives away a look that's envied everywhere? Read on to know more.
Curling irons scare me! No, seriously, they look very attractive and easy-to-use, but whenever I see someone straightening or curling their hair with them, I can imagine their hair follicles crying out in agony. They might be suitable to many, but for me, these curling techniques are a strict no-no.
Let me tell you that I have very straight hair, and I love it! However, there have been times when the straightness has pissed me off to such an extent that I've even though of getting those beautiful tresses chopped off forever.
But I have not taken this drastic step,thanks to foam hair rollers that add immense volume and give an entirely new look to a boring hairstyle.They don't damage your hair at all,when curlers or curl irons can be tough on hair.So, how to use them correctly? Which are the best picks?Is setting wet hair in rollers really effective? Well, all questions end here.


They're easy, they're friendly, and your hair will love them! So much so that you could sleep with them on. If your heart weeps every time you see your limp straight hair, it's time to do something crazy with them and create different hairstyles. So, how do they work?
To start with, foam rollers are used like any other rollers, with just a little difference. Fortunately, they have a kind of a clamp that holds them in place, thus avoiding use of any kind of hair pins to keep them where they are. If you have no clue of how to use hair rollers, let me tell you that there are two ways of doing this; off-base and on-base.
While in the off-base roller method the end result is total curls but slight lifts, in the on-base method the application of rollers will give maximum lift and volume to the hair. Large foam rollers available in the market can be used for curling long but unmanageable hair to get a new and exciting look.

How to Use

Things needed:
  • Foam hair rollers
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Hair spray/mousse
  • Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and towel dry them. Untangle them with a wide-toothed comb and allow them to air dry. Make sure they are left a little damp.
  • Make as many sections of your hair as you want and start rolling each one of them onto the roller reaching to your scalp, and clamp the roller lock when you're done rolling the section.
  • Try rolling smaller sections at a time, as they are easy to do, and decide till where you want to curl your hair. Roll all the sections in the same way and leave them intact.
  • Apply a mousse or hair spray onto the curled sections to help them set better. You could sleep on your rollers, as they are comparatively softer than others and also less harmful.
  • Remove the rollers carefully the next day. Many times, people end up tangling their hair strands as a result of improper roller removal. Hence, it is highly recommended to remove each and every strand off the rollers patiently and properly. 
Once they're removed, comb your hair with a light hand, but don't comb them much. Use your fingers instead to set the hair the way you want.


One of the many things that people tend to do is to use rollers on wet hair, thinking that the more wet their hair is the more effective the curls will be. However, to their dismay, applying rollers onto wet hair not only ends up in bizarre curls, but also damages their hair. Hence, to get the best results, it is always recommended to let the hair dry before rolling them up, and keep in mind all the essential tips for curly hair care.
So, you can create some great curly updos with the help of these rollers in the nick of time, and without much effort. Most importantly, after a little bit of practice and experimenting, you won't even feel the need of going to the parlor and squandering money every time for a new look.