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Flaxseed Benefits for Hair

Sonia Nair
Flaxseed is believed to be beneficial for human health in different ways. Go through this brief overview about the use of flaxseed for hair care.
It is said that, humans have been using flaxseed since the Stone Age. However, its popularity as a food source, diminished through the centuries. Of late, it has once again revived with more and more studies being conducted on flaxseed benefits.
Nowadays, whole flaxseed and its derivatives, like oil, meal, and nutritional supplements, are easily available. Consumption of flaxseed is said to be beneficial for the health of hair, skin, and heart.


Flaxseed, a rich source of nutrients, especially omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fiber are widely used for reducing cholesterol level and improving health of heart. The omega-3 fatty acids are responsible for lowering the bad cholesterol level and increasing good cholesterol. Also, intake of flaxseed may benefit people with breast and prostate cancer.
Flaxseed is beneficial for reducing high blood pressure and improving prostate health. It is used for normalizing blood sugar levels, thereby reducing risk of diabetes. Dry eyes is can also be treated with flaxseed. Symptoms of menopause are said to be alleviated with flaxseed consumption. Due to the high fiber content, flaxseed is also used as a laxative.

Flaxseed and Hair Growth

While intake of flaxseed is claimed to be effective for promoting hair growth, application of its oil may also work wonders for a healthy mane.
Studies show that hair loss due to hormonal imbalance in women can be remedied with flaxseed consumption. Variations in the estrogen level may lead to shrinking of hair follicles, thereby causing hair loss and hair thinning. The phytoestrogens in flaxseeds may normalize hormone levels, preventing hair loss and boosting hair growth.
Studies show that, omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed may prove beneficial for treating scalp conditions, like psoriasis and eczema. Consumption of flaxseed is said to be useful for preventing dandruff caused by these scalp conditions.
Application of flaxseed oil (otherwise known as linseed oil) is beneficial for hair in different ways. Flaxseed oil capsules are also taken orally. Reduced intake of omega fatty acid levels may cause hair dryness, which may result in brittle hair that can suffer damage easily.
Flaxseed oil promotes hair growth, helps combat hair dryness, thereby reducing the rate of hair damage. Due to this, flaxseed oil is added to various hair styling products like hair setting lotions. The foam-like gel made by boiling flaxseed in water is used for hair setting. Overall, flaxseed intake improves the strength and sheen of hair, skin and nails.
According to some studies, flaxseed may not suit all. Such people may try fish oil. Those who smoke and drink heavily may not benefit from flaxseed. While consumption of whole/ground flaxseed is safe, excess intake is not good. This oil is not suitable for children or pregnant and nursing women. Others too, should consult an expert for use of flaxseed oil.
Disclaimer: This information is for factual purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.