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Flawless Skin: The Truth About Face Packs

Prerna Salla
For beautiful and flawless skin it is necessary that you take care of it in totality. This story shows you how to go about it.
If you do not want to go to beauty parlors for regular facials, then you can try the following face packs that you can make at home.
A face pack not only cleanses your skin but it also helps maintain the firmness of it. The following face packs are categorized keeping in mind the different skin types.

For Oily Skin

Oily skin is caused by overactive glands, which produce a substance called sebum. Sebum is a naturally produced skin lubricant. When the skin produces too much sebum, it becomes thick and heavy in texture. The skin needs a thorough cleansing routine to remove the surface grime and unclog blocked pores.


Six strawberries.
One teaspoon of Brandy.
Two teaspoons of breadcrumbs.
Two teaspoons of fuller's earth.
Rose water.
Mash six strawberries and add a teaspoon of Brandy, two spoons of breadcrumbs, two spoons of fuller's earth and a few drops of rose water to it. Mix well and apply a thick layer on the face and neck. Leave it on for 20 minutes.


This pack rejuvenates, tightens and exfoliates your skin bringing shine and radiance to it. Since strawberries have Vitamin C and certain acidic properties, they leave the skin sparkling clean. Breadcrumbs help to exfoliate the skin, while fuller's earth tightens the pores. Brandy helps in adding glow to your skin.

For Dry Skin

Dry skin usually results when skin fails to produce enough sebum to maintain a naturally lubricated surface. Dry skin often appears coarse, tight, dull and flaky, with visible lines and wrinkles. Hence dry skin needs extra moisturizing.


10 almonds.
Two teaspoons of oatmeal.
Four tablespoons of full cream milk.
Two teaspoons of china clay.
Juice of half lemon.
One mashed avocado.
Make a face pack with a mixture of 10 almonds, two spoons oatmeal, four tablespoons of full cream milk, two spoons china clay, juice of half a lemon, and one mashed avocado. Apply on the face and leave it for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, dampen a cotton wool with cold milk and wipe it off. Splash your face with cold water, and apply a light moisturizer.


This pack will help to maintain the balance of your skin. Oatmeal is very good since it acts like an exfoliator.

For Combination Skin

This type of skin is usually oily on the nose and forehead, and dry around the eyes and cheeks. If you have more than one skin type on your face, it is wise to use products containing different ingredients to treat the areas differently. Cleanse the oily zone with an astringent, while dab the rest of the face with moisturizer.


Half a cup of powdered peas.
Three teaspoons of yogurt.
Juice of one lemon.
Half cup papaya pulp.
Rose water.
Prepare a pack of half a cup of powdered peas, mixed with three spoons of yogurt, juice of one lemon and half a cup of papaya pulp. Apply and leave it for 20 minutes, then wash it off with ice- cold water. Better still, rub an ice cube dipped in rose water over the oily zone.


This pack will restore the texture of your face, and will bring radiance and glow to your skin. It also prevents enlarged pores and blackheads.

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