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Common Lipstick Flavors

Aparna Jadhav
Flavored lipsticks are a recent trend in the makeup industry and have gained popularity in a very short time. Read the following BeautiSecrets article to get to know some of the flavors.
You must have always wondered why do we feel the taste of a lipstick simply by smelling it? The answer is quite simple as your ordinary lipsticks which are not sweetened or flavored, only have flavor oils as an additional component.
These flavor oils are lip-safe fragrances as they only smell but not taste. When commercial brands use these flavor oils, they only put the smell of a certain fruit or product which gives you the idea of the lipstick.
The lipsticks, however have an actual sweetener, commonly aspartame or any other sugar substitute. This sweetener tricks the brain into thinking that the lipstick has the particular flavor but the fact is that you are only smelling it. Thus, when you buy them, you have a tendency to keep licking your lips and ingesting the flavoring oils.
There are many organic cosmetic brands which do not use any animal products to make their lipsticks and only use herbal extracts. Thus, it would be advisable that you use these lipsticks, glosses and lip balms produced by these companies.

Types of Flavors

Out of the many lipsticks used by women today, we have a few mentioned here. Find out which ones are your favorite.

Chocolate Flavor

If you're a die-hard chocolate fan and wouldn't mind tasting and smelling it the whole day, a chocolate lipstick is all you need. The rich and glossy look of the shiny color on your lips and the intoxicating aroma of dark chocolate is definitely a treat for an onlooker as well as you.
This flavor of lipstick and lip balm is used rather often by many women. There are similar flavors available like chocolate hazelnut, chocolate orange, and chocolate mint that are also preferred.
Caramel Flavor: After chocolate the other favorite flavor is the one having a caramel taste. The crispy smell and sweet taste draws a lot of customers.
Caramel is a unique flavor for cosmetics and thus is one of the best flavors any girl would want to have on her lips for at least 12 hours of the day. This flavor also has many other flavors to accompany it like Mocha Latte and roasted Almond with caramel.
Bubble Gum Flavor: Many girls like to chew gum every hour of the day and this flavor would definitely be a great option by providing a yummy bubble gum taste. It comes in many colors, preferably shades of pink and peach. They look very natural and go with almost any casual or formal attire, and also taste really good.
What more can you ask when those shiny and glossy lips are combined with the best of tastes to make lipsticks even more enjoyable. So, have fun with those yummy and luscious colors and flavors made only to make your lips more perfect.