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How to do Flat Twist Hairstyles

Ratnashri Dutta
Want to have that superb hairdo with flat twists? They look fabulous and are easy to make. Information here tells you all about this fabulous hairstyles that you should try out. Have a look!


Use moisturizing products on to your hair before twisting, and make sure you don't twist the hair too tightly as it might damage the scalp.
You must have definitely noticed the hairstyles of Serena Williams or Venus Williams besides their superb tennis skills. Don't you just love their hairdo? These are called flat twist hairstyles.
Flat twist hairstyles are popular hairstyles for women with natural African-American hair. It uses two strands and works well with straight and coiled hair.
Wondering whether you too can have the same hairstyle? Well, why not? Any person with natural hair can try it. These hairstyles are not as difficult and complicated as they look. They are easy to make and they make one look gorgeous. So, if you want to learn more about it, then scroll down to know more.

The Necessary Steps

Flat hairstyles are not just meant for African-American women, but any woman. It easy to do and can be sported at any kind of occasion. The only things that you need while making hairdo is patience, long or medium length hair, some hairbands, and a mirror. Let us see how we can get this hairdo in no time.
  • The first thing that you have to do is comb your hair properly so that there are no tangles.
  • After that, part your hair using a comb, from the forehead to the nape. The parting should be done right at the center of your head.
  • Next, part each section into even parts and then put the left part over the right part and keep twisting.
  • While doing this, pull the two ends, but only a little so that the twists remain close to your scalp.
  • Twist the rest of the hair in a similar manner and make sure that the thickness of each twist is even. This braid hairstyle would look very odd indeed with one thick and one thin twist!
  • As you finish with the twists, use the rubber bands to tie them up.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror now and don't get shocked when you see a pretty-looking girl staring back at you. Flat twist hair styles can also be tried out by men.
  • For a smoother effect, you can either apply some oil or water-based gel on your hair so that small strands do not stick out when you have made the flat twists and braids.
To prevent the twists from frizzing or coming out, sleep on satin or silk pillowcase or wear a sleep cap made of satin.

Designs and Styles

While trying your hand at the two-strand twist technique, decide the pattern or design you would like to sport. There are several designs for flat twist hair, which you can try out, such as the crisscross, zig-zag, diagonal, or maybe, you can come up with some new style of your own.

With a French Twist

Give your hairdo a French twist that will enhance it completely. Here the twists curve upwards and not towards the nape of your neck. They curve horizontally on both sides of the head and then they meet at the center of your head.
The flat twists can be manipulated easily; hence, you will not find it difficult to style it. This style is a great for parties. Just try it out and watch the heads turn!

In a Bun

If you are looking for a trendy style that you can wear when going to work or in some formal meeting, then sporting a bun is one of the perfect styles for you. It is trendy, classy, and at the same time, not too casual.
Just twist your hair and let them run in a vertical direction towards the nape, and then just take it altogether and tie it up in a bun. Do not forget to add some pins so that the bun doesn't come out. This will give a professional and elegant look.
Thinking of trying out a new hairstyle now? Go ahead and do it. Just follow the steps and voila! A brand new look! After seeing your new look, your friends and colleagues might also want to do it. So get ready to be busy this weekend! Happy styling!