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Master the Art of Flat Hair Twists

Aishwarya Nirmal
Flat twist hairstyles are very popular among women, specially with those who have curly or kinky hair. Here's more about this trendy hairdo...
Women with curly or kinky hair often fall short of hairstyles, and have to sport the same ones repeatedly. Nowadays, this trend is changing, and many new hairstyles are seen invading the curly hair world.
One of them is the flat hair twist, which is meant for curly hair, and looks great on it. These twists look so funky, that women with straight hair curl their hair only so that they can sport this hairdo.

Styling Your Hair with Flat Twists

This hairstyle is a wee-bit difficult to do on your own, so, you need a few tactics and a lot of patience. Once you get the hang of it, you can literally turn and twist the flat twists in any direction or hairstyle you want.
Step 1: First and foremost, wash your hair and scalp clean, and let your hair dry.

Step 2: Untangle your hair with a thick comb first and then with a thin comb, so that every strand of hair is visible.
Step 3: Now, with the help of a rat tail comb, partition your hair centrally, leaving a layer of hair in the center. Clip the other two sides.

Step 4: Start with this layer initially, by dividing it in two even parts, and twist the left side over the right one. Take care to keep the twist tight, and continue this till the end of the strand.
Step 5: Pick strands of hair as you go along the entire strand, and seal the end of the strand with a hairband. The strands that you pick along to add to the main one will decide the direction of that flat twist.

Step 6: Repeat the same procedure for the rest of the hair, by making parallel strands to the central one.
You can perform the twists on the strand only up to the scalp, and leave the rest of the strand free or tie it up as a ponytail. Else, if you like, you can braid it or keep twisting it further till the end. After you are done with all your hair, you can do different hairstyles, like braiding them in a single braid if the hair is long enough.
When partying, you can even add glitter that matches your outfit, between two hair twists, which makes it an extraordinary hairstyle. You have to take special care of the flat twists, specially while sleeping, else, the twists will probably open up and the hair might break due to pulling. While sleeping, you could wear a stocking cap that covers your hair.
Applying hairspray to keep the twists is place will also be helpful. However, do not forget to use a moisturizing shampoo while washing your hair before and after you make the twists, to prevent any kind of hair damage. They look specifically good as short hair.