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Flaky Scalp Remedies

Mukta Gaikwad
Itchy flaky scalp is embarrassing and irritating. Here are remedies for a flaky scalp that will help you relieve the irritations and soothe the skin.
Dry scalp is universal. Most women, and men as well, oftentimes complain about flaky scalp. A dry scalp feels tight and itchy. In most cases, it leads to flakiness and dandruff. Frequent use of hair colors, shampoos, constant exposure to pollution, hard water, bad eating habits, cosmetics, and chemicals are some of the obvious reasons for such a scalp.
Lack of oil content in the scalp region in addition to aforementioned factors, further aggravates the problem. Don't be dismayed if you suffer from such a condition. It's difficult to find perfect skin in current times when the world is reeling under high levels of pollution. However, with a certain precautions and habits, skin can be kept healthy and clean.

Pots of Water

Most people believe pricey remedies are the only cures. Sadly, they'll only rip you off! In the initial stages, dry flaky skin can easily be treated at home. As mentioned earlier, dry skin is a result of deficiency of moisture. Drinking pots of water happens to be the only way of replenishing the lost water content.
So drink up about 2 liters of water in some way of the other. This will help in flushing the contaminants and toxins out of your system. Eating lot of fruits with high water content and fresh vegetables will also help your dry scalp to heal faster.

Careful with Cosmetics

In the name of fashion, most people cause irreparable damage to their bodies. One such damage is deplorable condition of scalp. Shampoos which contain propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium beryl sulfate, may give you the shine and silken touch to your hair. But over a period of time, they destruct your scalp and hair follicles.
Continuous and excessive use of such shampoos, eventually leads to degeneration of oil levels in the skin causing dry flaky scalp. Thus, making a cautious choice of the shampoos and other hair care products can go a long way in deciding the condition you scalp.

Avoid Heat

Too much of heat, can ruin the scalp texture and take away most of the oil content. Thus it's advisable that if you are susceptible to dry scalp and severe dandruff, stay away from heat. Taking long showers with hot water running down your scalp, using hair dryers, exposure to sun, and curling iron lead to dry scalp and dry hair.
Totally avoid such scenarios and cover your head with a scarf if you are stepping out in the sun.

Oil Treatment

Using natural products is the best way of dealing with a dry scalp. Sandalwood oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil and geranium oil are some of the essential oils that can help in reviving your scalp's original state. Mix 2-3 drops of these oils with coconut oil or olive oil and warm it up.
Massage your scalp with the lukewarm concoction of these oils and leave it on overnight. Wash it next day as you normally do and let your hair dry naturally. Follow this procedure 2 times a week for best results within a month. Any hair treatment for damaged hair takes a while to show substantial results.
Prevention is always better than cure. Thus, prevent your scalp from any damage with proper hair care and healthy diet. If the problem of itchy flaky skin persists despite following these flaky scalp remedies, see a dermatologist and follow the remedy to a T! Take care!