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Tips to Make Fine and Thin Hair Look Thicker

Marian K
If you have fine thin hair, then you are likely to be on a constant hunt for ways to add volume to it. Provided here are some tips for the same.
When we speak about thin hair, there are two problems we are dealing with. If you have fine hair, then it basically means that the diameter of each strand is small. It would also mean that you don't have a lot of strands.
While the texture of your hair is usually a genetic disposition, if your mane has begun to thin recently, it could either be because of diet, stress, medication, or other factors. Whatever the reason for this, it must be identified and addressed.
If you've always had this problem, then volume adding products, the right haircut and style, and some tips and tricks to make your fine hair thick, will help you deal with the situation.

Hairstyles for Fine Hair

The best way is to have a shorter hairstyle and ideally all in a single length. The cuts that will give you the most volume are:
• Bob: There are many variations of this cut, and the one you settle for should be the one that suits your face shape the most. If you have an oval face, you can carry off an ear lobe length bob. However, if you have a wide jaw or a round face, you should consider a longer bob.
• Short and Tapered:While these cuts suit younger women more, if you have a youthful spirit, you may be able to carry it off. A short style will prevent your hair from appearing limp, as there isn't any addition of length to weigh it down.
• Mid-Length with Layers: If you are among those who cringe at the idea of short hair, then an option that may work for you is a shoulder length cut (or just below your shoulders), with very light layers. Alternately, you can have it cut with a slight diagonal movement at the sides.
• Bangs:Haircuts, if accompanied with bangs, can add volume to your weak and fine locks, especially if you have a large forehead. These loose locks are also effective in combating your scalp showing.

Tips to Make Fine and Thin Hair Look Thicker

• A light or platinum blob will make your hair look thinner, and increase chances of your scalp showing through. Alternately, you could get light highlights on a dark base, which can add brightness and another dimension
• Perming and coloring damages the hair by breaking many bonds. If they are already thin and fine, it is a very bad idea to expose them to the chemicals that will be used for either procedure. Also, don't be fooled by sales pitches about new products being safe.
• When you set your hair, or get it curled, request your hairdresser to use a bricklay or zig-zag parting pattern. This does not create any obvious splits, through which your scalp will be visible.
• While blow drying, instead of using it on a lower heat setting, use high heat and dry faster. The lesser time your hair are exposed to heat, the lesser damaged it gets. With curling irons or crimpers, use the least amount of heat and time, you need to get the job done.
• There is an abundance of shampoos for volume addition and conditioners out there to come to your rescue. While using conditioner, ensure you steer clear of you scalp area and apply it only to the ends.
These are just some ways to add volume. The way in which you blow dry, and the direction of the brush strokes can make a difference. Another suggestion is to use clip-in synthetic and human hair extensions, which are great because they add volume, without causing any damage.