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Fasting and Acne

Azmin Taraporewala
Fasting and acne share an interwoven relationship that few of us are aware of. Fasting can be effective to cure acne and get rid of acne scars. Leaf through this article to understand their correlation in detail ...
Fasting has always garnered a hideous reputation from one and all. You are coaxed to follow crash diets that force you to avoid food all together, encouraged to indulge in spine crackling exercises and may also be asked to invade the drug store to aid you in popping a few weight loss pills. However, have you heard of a type of fasting that can cure acne and can also aid you in staying fit? Well, if you haven't, here is an article that explores the reason why fasting and acne go together and how an individual can indulge in fasting that gives you a flawless skin to flaunt.

Define Fasting

You may be well acquainted with the term fasting. For a quick preview, fasting is avoiding solid substances for a stipulated number of days, making fluids such as juices, water and fruits your daily and dear companions. This, as mentioned earlier, is a short-term arrangement so that one is able to reach a desired goal effectively and efficiently.
Out of the fluids that are to be consumed during fasting, consumption of water becomes an issue of paramount importance. Fasting for acne is conducted in order to release the harmful toxins that are seeded into the layers of the skin. It is only through the intake of adequate amount of fluids that acne can be countered.

Type of Fasts

You may always associate fasting with hunger pangs and your stomach growling at you; annoyed as you have not fulfilled your duty of feeding it. In the type of fasts that you are soon to read about; you are not going to have your stomach cursing you for keeping it hungry because you will feed it with fluids; this is indeed the only difference.

Water Fast

This is one type of diet which relies solely on consumption of water. It is mandatory that you consume water in a good quantity. The key is not to drink water only when you are thirsty but to drink a glass at a planned interval.

Juice Fast

Juice fasting helps one to indulge in fresh fruit juices. Research proves testimony that juice consumption can help release toxins. They have essential nutrients and vitamins that help in cleansing the system thoroughly leaving no trace of toxins behind.

Fruit Fast

This is a plan that includes eating fruits as it is. You are bound to see the benefits you derive when you are on a perpetual diet of fruits. You are sure to have skin that is soft, lithe, and toxin-free.

Fasting for Acne - Some Tips

  • Make sure that when you are on a water fast, you don't have many activities lined up for the day. You are bound to feel fatigued. If proper care is not taken, you may have to force yourself on giving up the fast. Thus, it is sensible to garner an expert consult before you embark on water fast..
  • If this is the first time that you have planned a fast for yourself, make sure that you are physiologically and mentally prepared and geared up for the same
  • Evaluate; do you really need to go for a fast to counter acne? If topical lotion applications and skin care can do the trick for you, why go in for a fast. However, if you think that the trouble you counter with acne is insurmountable and requires a fasting intervention, you may well go ahead with the plan.
  • Ensure that you are off foods that tempt your taste buds to no length. Junk food that have oil dripping through its periphery should be gradually put aside. The word is 'gradually'! An abrupt halt can spell disaster for your system and make it a victim of health troubles that are uncalled-for. Instead, eat raw and cooked vegetables every day.
  • Vegetable soups could also be an alternative to consuming vegetables. However, do not add ingredients that are strict enemies of your fasting plan.
  • If you are going in for a juice diet make sure that you drink lemon squeezed in water first thing in the morning.
  • Drink herbal tea during the day with an interval of 3 to 4 hours. This will keep you away from hunger pangs and will also help in clearing acne scars naturally.

Some Fasting Recipes

Here are some recipes that will help you in restoring health and getting an acne-free skin.

Master Cleanse

This is also called the lemonade diet. You may add maple syrup, squeezed lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper in a cup of water and drain it down. You can prepare this every 3 to 4 hours and drink it. It is always better to have it in sips rather than gulping the entire content in one single shot.

Sprouts Soup

This is a filling soup that kills hunger pangs. You may soak sprouts overnight. You may take freshwater, add onion rings, chopped tomatoes, cabbage, avocados, green peas, cayenne pepper and bring it to boil. You may also add fresh lettuce leaves to make the soup all the more energizing and healthful. You may have this soup thrice a day. You could even mash the ingredients in perfect harmony and add it in water and bring it to boil.

Celery Soup

Take 2 to 3 sticks of celery, carrots and spinach. Cut carrots into tiny cubes and celery into little round pipes with oblong strokes with your kitchen chopper. You may chop spinach into bits and make the soup by adding adequate water. Sip a cup during the day, intermittently; giving a gap of four hours between each cup you consume.

Cabbage Soup

This is a 7-day fasting plan. You are supposed to add finely chopped cabbage, chopped celery, tomatoes, onion rings, a pinch of chili powder and beef cubes if desired. If you are not a carnivore, you may use soy chunks in your soup instead of beef cubes. With this diet you are also supposed to drink lots of water, herbal tea, juices, and have fruits.
Fasting and acne do go hand in hand. Fasting could be thus relied on, as a natural way to cure acne and cleanse your system of toxins.