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Famous Hairstyles That Are Too Good to Pass

Abhay Burande
From the Farrah Flip to the Rachel hairstyle, there were many sought-after and famous hairstyles in our time. Some hairstyles have made their home in the fondest of memories and some have been labeled as the worst hairdos of all times.
Hairstyles throw light on the current trends of society. The only common trend is that the hairstyles of the celebrities and popular icons is always regarded as ideal. In the early 1900s, Antoine of Paris parted the hair in the middle and swept them back over the ears.
In the 1920s, the Louise Brooke's bob became famous.
In the 1940s, Rita Hayworth made the side-parted finger waves very popular.
The 1950s, the helmet like hairstyle and the pixie cut was prevalent.
Big hair and poodle perms were widespread in the 1980s.
The 1990s was the era of Jennifer Aniston hairstyle.
The 2000's revived Sarah Jessica Parker's curly style.

7 Sexy Hairstyles Popularized by Celebrities

The Mullet

This has always been called the "king of hairstyles". In this, hair is short on the top and long at the back. Usually, rockstars, Italians and South Americans follow this hairstyle. Mike D from the Beastie Boys used the term "mullet" for the first time in the 1980s.

The Afro

This style reached the pinnacle in the 1960s. Some celebrities who used this style are Michael Jackson and John Shaft. In this style, bigger the hair the better are the looks.

The Perm

This style reached its prime in the 1970s. It was popular primarily among females, also preferred by some men. It is a general choice in the Royal family, golf professionals and grannies. Also remember that perming is harmful for hair.

The Quiff

The quiff was a hairstyle where the front hair were differently styled than the rest. They were also dyed in a different color than the rest. Although, this style was hugely popular, it is not inherently good.

The Step/Wedge

The hair is parted at the center and there is a slight undercut. In northern Britain, it is called the 'wedge' hairstyle. In the 1990s, it was the ultimate choice of 11 year olds.

The Mohawk

This style has several variations. The traditional long-haired style is obviously the optimum way. However, you can go with the short mohawk that is mostly suitable for people with different face shapes.

The Comb-over

This is useful for aging men as it enables to hide the baldness efficiently. Those having this hairstyle carry a comb with them at all times to adjust it whenever required. However, this hairstyle flops due to wind and bending over and exposes the head.