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Ways to Use Fake Hair Extensions Like an Expert

Mamta Mule
If you have never worn fake hair extensions, then you have definitely missed the fun of this classic accessory. Yes, you must surely use them to give a stylish touch to your look. Here is imortant information on the subject in detail.
Hair extensions are common as much as the many methods of hairstyling. While there are two basic types of extensions available, each person has a different reason to select one of these. Fake hair extensions are among the most popular hair accessories. Long, short, curly or wavy, you will get a perfect piece to suit your natural hair.

How to Put them In

Thermal Application

In this application, a polymer is used to thermally attach 20- 30 strands to your hair not harming the natural hair. These fake strands are placed in between your hair.
This method also has a few disadvantages:
  • The polymer matter is easily visible if it is not properly covered by sections of natural hair.
  • This method of application is also quite expensive.

Clip-in Extensions

The perfect do-it-yourself method is the clip-in method. The clips are cheaper and washable, so you can have many of these and opt for a new style every week. Make sure you attach them properly to avoid damage to the natural locks. However, loosely-attached clip-ins or those attached on thin strands cause a strain to natural strands due to extra weight.

Track Extensions

Track extensions are not amongst common hair add-ons. The extension and it's technique can be considered as a great option as they don't harm your natural strands. Your hair are braided firmly across your hair and then the track extensions are sewn into the braid.
The disadvantage here is:
  • Does not suit all hair types.
  • Necessarily requires professional help.

Can You Dye Them?

No, you cannot dye your fake extensions. Basically, coloring is not possible. These are made up of various chemicals and go through an industrial processes of dying which needs extreme temperature. Also, use of heat styling methods are not recommended.

How Much do They Cost

Quality hair extensions must be your priority as it is necessary to restore the health of your natural hair. Their price is much lesser than natural extensions. Basically the cost depends on its length, texture and quality.
The cost will also vary according to the type you are buying. If you want cheap extensions that will look great as well, then clip-ins are the answer. Ease of use and maintenance, these are a great deal to go for. Latest technologies ensure that extensions go well with your natural hair and give an awesome look.