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Fake Eyebrows and Their Application

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
People whose brows are naturally sparse or become thinner due to hair loss problems opt for fake eyebrows. Usually, these are created either by using pencils or eyebrow wigs.
Women are always ready to try new things to enhance their looks. Nearly all of us are accustomed with hair extensions, wigs, dyes, and threading. False brows are available in varied colors and shapes in the market. With these, men too are not far behind. The ones for men are comparatively larger and bushier.
Perfect brows, in terms of color and shape, are adored by everyone. They define the eyes making them more noticeable and also, alter the appearance of a facial structure.
For example, a long face looks shorter with flat ones, rather than opting for highly curved options. Likewise, light colored brows, sparse or thin eyebrows can be made better with cosmetic makeovers and using artificial options.


Whether you want to make brows for Halloween or regular usage, there are two methods - using a stencil kit and applying wigs. The first method is very simple and ideal for temporary fixation of thin brows or irregular shapes. In this method, the stencil and pencil are used to create fake brows.
On the contrary, a wig is made by placing human hair or synthetic hair in a skin-like base. This method is applicable for those who require long-term use.


The approach may differ from one individual to another. While some apply them to flaunt a different look for attending special occasions, others wear them as a solution for graying brows, thin brows, and loss of hair due to medical conditions. Whatever your intention is, you should follow certain steps to apply them properly and make them look natural.
  • In case of filling them with a pencil, you need to purchase a stencil kit. Check for colors with 1 or 2 shades lighter than your natural hair color.
  • Before you use a pencil, ensure that it is sharp enough to draw thin lines. This will make your brows look natural rather than filling with a pencil having a blunt tip.
  • Place the stencil over your brows and trace the shape with the waterproof pencil. To make it look natural, apply eyebrow powder with a brush.
  • Another method is applying fake eyebrows made from hair. Under this, an adhesive is applied first over the normal brow portions. The glue should be such that it is not noticeable after sticking.
  • Trim and prepare the wigs to suit your facial structure. If desired, you can also cut its sides to match your natural brow shape and length.
  • While applying the adhesive, follow the instructions mentioned in the product leaflet. If you experience itching or other allergic reactions, immediately remove the glue. In such a case, use pencils instead of using wigs.
  • For people who are non allergic to the adhesive background, fake eyebrows of desired color and shape are stuck to the glue.
After you are done applying them, wait for a few minutes until the adhesive is dried. Then check whether they are moving like natural brows. What you can do is make facial expressions and see if they remain stiff or not. If yes, you need to purchase another superior quality brand. With proper care, a good one will look natural and last for several weeks.