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Facial Muscle Exercises

Bhakti Satalkar
Just as there are specialized exercises meant for exercising specific muscles in the body, similarly there are specific exercises that are meant to exercise facial muscles. Practicing these allows for a host of advantages--which we will get into in the following sections and list out a few examples as well.
Facial muscle exercises help in improving the look and expressiveness of the face. Often, due to age and gravity, the facial muscles start to lose their tone and elasticity, and the skin attached to them begins to sag. That is why certain exercises are undertaken such that they help maintain the health of these muscles.
These exercises help in stimulating the blood flow and circulation to the face. Along with that, they also help in relieving the tension in the face, and improve the overall appearance of the same. Facial exercises have been known to lead to a smooth and wrinkle-free skin.

Types of Exercises

Facial exercises include activities for the forehead, lips, eyes, cheeks, neck, and double chin. A workout should aim at focusing on all these muscles.

Exercise # 1

To do this exercise, place your index fingers just above the eyes and try to pull down the skin. Simultaneously, try to raise your eyebrows. This makes the skin on the forehead firmer. Repeat this exercise for a minimum of 10 counts.

Exercise # 2

With the amount of demand that we place on the eyes and the extent to which we use them, they are bound to strain. The following two exercises will help relax the muscles.
For the first exercise--relax your eyes and sit in a comfortable place. Shut your eyes as hard as possible, count to 3, and then open them, count to 3 again, and shut them tight. Repeat this for 15 counts.
For the second exercise--sit in a relaxed position and relax your eyes. Then roll your eyes in the clockwise direction--slowly. Now reverse and roll your eyes in the anti-clockwise direction. Do a total of 10 rolls on both sides.

Exercise # 3

Cheeks are often taken up as the areas where most of the effects of gravity and age are seen. Keep your head steady and raise your cheeks by smiling as hard as you can. Hold this position and place three fingers on the cheeks to try to push them down. Release, relax and repeat 10 times.

Exercise # 4

The neck is also an important part of the face. The following exercise will help strengthen neck muscles and prevent sagging of the skin. To do this, sit straight against the wall and try to tilt your head backwards such that you are comfortably able to look at the ceiling. Keep your lips closed. Then try to move the lower lip over the upper lip as far as you can. Hold the position for a count of 10, relax, and then repeat the exercise for 10 counts.

Exercise # 5

The next exercise focuses on getting rid of a double chin. For this one, sit straight with your back relaxed against a wall. Then slowly tilt your head backwards to look up at the ceiling. Pout your lips and make them into an 'O' shape. Count till 20, bring your head to the normal position, and repeat the exercise 10 times.
For positive results to be visible one will have to be patient and do the exercises diligently for at least 3 weeks. After this time has passed, you will notice that your face glows with radiance and you will start feeling, and looking healthy.