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Facial Massage Benefits

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Many believe a facial massage is a great way to pamper your skin; it does more than that, it rejuvenates you. Facial massages clean out your pores, exfoliate your skin, improve blood circulation, while relaxing your tired muscles.
Flaunting a clear, smooth, and glowing skin seems to be an elusive aim for many of us. While wrinkles and fine lines are common signs of aging, there are certain things that you can do to reduce unwanted lines and overcome pale skin.
There is no point in using chemical-loaded products, which cause more harm to the skin, rather than correcting problems. One way of restoring natural skin glow is facial massage therapy.

Facial Massage Basic Info

Facial massage is usually done with creams and soothing massage oils.
Dry rubbing is also a common method to reap the benefits of a facial massage. Massaging face with oil or lotion is performed in spas, and is simply known as facial. For oily skin, mud packs are often recommended. While for dry skin, consider using cold cream for massaging.
Prior to facial, remove makeup or simply clean face with a mild soap. Never apply full pressure over the face while massaging, instead move fingers lightly and firmly. A facial session lasts for 20-25 minutes, and not beyond this period.

Benefits of Facial Massage

Besides the regular skin cleansing, toning and exfoliating steps, techniques of facial massage should be performed as a part of the beauty regimen.
They improve the overall skin health and slow down the development of wrinkles. Facial massage is beneficial for getting rid of toxins, regulating oil balance, replenishing skin moisture, tautening facial muscles, and giving a relaxed feeling.
When we sleep, the circulatory system functioning slows down, and the cells do not receive sufficient oxygen and nutrients.
Thus, what we see is a dull looking face in the morning. One of the pronounced benefits of facial is that it stimulates blood circulation to the face.
Nothing can be more effectual in cleansing face other than facial massage therapy.
Since it improves blood circulation, getting rid of toxins from the facial areas is an added benefit. It leaves the skin fresh and rejuvenated, resulting in younger looking skin.
There is a marked difference in the result between regular cream application and facial. In the latter case, you are allowing the skin cells to actually absorb moisturizing agent through hand manipulation techniques. Thus, you can feel a softer skin after a facial session.
Massaging face is a good way of removing dead skin cells. Rubbing with gentle strokes on the face, with a good quality lotion or oil, helps in loosening dead cells and thus lightening skin tone.
Light hand movement techniques adopted in facial massage therapy are effectual to firm the facial muscles. They help in tightening loose tissues that give flabby and puffy skin. So, participate in facial massage session regularly, and keep frown lines at bay.
Natural lift facial massage techniques are special approaches, which combine varied hand manipulation methods to improve complexion, remove toxins and reduce wrinkles without surgery. It is focused on balancing energy, oxygen and nutrients of the facial muscles.
As far as natural lift facial massage is concerned, the results are not so dramatic like a surgical procedure. It reduces sagging skin and gives a more lifted look. Also, it is less expensive and there is no major side effect associated with this massage therapy.
Massaging face gives relief from stress, sinus congestion, sinus headache and migraine headache. The soothing effect is brought about by improving blood circulation in the massaged areas and relieving muscle tension.
As you see, benefits of facial massage are amazing, and it's worth giving it a try. You can get facial done in a beauty salon or day spas. But, performing it on your own is a better way, so that you can enjoy all the benefits without visiting a salon expert.
Learn easy facial massage steps and give yourself a treat after a long tiring day. Believe me, you will really appreciate the rejuvenating experience. Do it daily, and you will notice improvement in skin tone and smoothness.