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Facial Exercises for Cheeks

Neha Joshi
Want to make sure your cheeks don't droop and are in perfect shape? Try these facial exercises and see the difference.
A lot of people resort to facial exercises nowadays to better their cheeks and make them look healthier. Hanging skin, aging wrinkles, and the formation of that hangdog look―it can all be avoided with these exercises. They are easy and can be done absolutely anywhere and at anytime―even when you're working. You don't have to cramp them in your already busy schedule, nor do you need an instructor to guide you.

Exercise #1

This is a very simple exercise that you can do when you are sitting at home or office. Relax for a minute; then, smile slowly, very slowly, in a relaxed way. Then, take your cheeks inside even more slowly. Suck them inside and place them in between your teeth. Hold for 10 seconds in that position, and repeat it 10 times.

Exercise #2

While doing this exercise, look into the mirror to see the effects this exercise has on your cheeks. Smile widely, very widely and try to touch the corner of your lips to you ears. When you are smiling, see to it that you don't open your mouth and that the corners of your mouth are turned up. After this, start wrinkling your nose and you will see that your cheek muscles are moving in an upward direction. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times. This is a great exercise to prevent wrinkles and loose skin.

Exercise #3

Read the instructions carefully for this exercise. Close your lips and teeth tightly. Blow the air that is already trapped in your mouth to the upper lip. Hold it here for 10 seconds and then shift this same air to your right cheek and hold it there for another 10 seconds. Then, shift it to your left cheek and then to your lower lip. Hold it in each of these places for 10 seconds and relax after every repetition. Repeat 5 times for this exercise to be effective.

Exercise #4

For this exercise, you will again have to look into a mirror. Pucker the upper lip and then take your lip corners upwards. After this, slowly move your cheeks muscles up, towards your eyes, initially very slowly. Exactly at this point, try to touch your upper lip to your nose and hold this position for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise #5

Sit straight and keep your lips closed. Do not close them tightly, but in a way that they are relaxed. Pout your lips using the muscles of your cheek. If you want, you can use your fingers to apply pressure so you know that you are using your cheek muscles. Keep your lips in this state for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.
Do these facial exercises everyday for smooth, healthy, and wrinkle-free cheeks.