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Fabulous Makeup Ideas for Almond-shaped Eyes

Parul Solanki
Perfectly proportioned and a makeup lover's dream, almond-shaped eyes can be enhanced using varied eye makeup techniques. This story provides some great tips and tricks to make to make almond eyes look gorgeous.
Almond-shaped eyes are extremely common. It refers to narrow slant eyes with a natural lift at the outer corner. These upturned eyes often have little or no crease, and the inner corner resembles the tapered point of an almond.
If eyes are the windows of the soul, then they sure need to be well decorated when you want someone to peep through them. Beautiful eye makeup enhances the eyes, making them look prominent and pretty.
If you are an almond-eyed beauty then rejoice because makeup for these eyes is extremely easy and somehow, all the eye makeup tricks seem to work for this eye shape.
Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell and Rihanna are some of the best examples of almond-eyed beauties. Whether you want to opt for a classic look or love the smokey eyes, you can have them all. The trick here is to know what type of makeup best flatters this eye shape. Here are some fabulous makeup ideas for almond-shaped eyes.

How To Apply Eye Makeup For Almond Shaped Eyes

Eyeliner Tricks for Almond Eyes
Almond eyes are stunning and with the right eyeliner tricks, you can highlight just that. 
★ Since almond eyes already have the necessary length, all you need to do is make them look larger. This can be done by applying eyeliner on the upper lids while leaving the lower lash line with no eyeliner.
Alternately, you can also highlight the outer corners of the upper and lower lash lines to make the eyes look bigger.

★ Follow the contour of the eyes while lining them.
★ Make sure that the line is thin at the inner corners, and slightly thicker as you move towards the outer edges. Thinner eyeliner works well with small, narrow eyes making them look bigger and natural. If you like thicker liners then restrict it to the nighttime, when you want a more sultry look.
★ Avoid applying thick liners on both bottom and top lash line as it makes the eyes look smaller, and therefore narrower than they already are.

★ Apply a flesh-colored liner or white eyeliner on the lower water line to make the eyes look bigger.

★ Almond eyes are also best for the winged liner. Just a flick of the wrist upwards gives you a nice winged liner.
Eyeshadow Tips for Almond Eyes
The best part about almond eyes is that you can play around with the eyeshadow styles, to select the one that you like best. As makeup artist Troy Surratt says, "Just about every shadow look works with this shape."
★ For a simple daytime look, opt for deep bronze and medium-brown eye shadows. You can choose other shadows in complementary tones like purple and pink.
★ Add depth to the eyelid by using the lightest shade over the lid. This can be a light bronze or golden-brown eyeshadow. Apply a dark shade at the outer corners, crease, and the bottom lash lines. Blend the eyeshadow in the crease with a fluffy buffer brush. Apply a highlighter shade at the inner corners and on the brow bone.
★ Smokey eyes are perfect for this eye shape. Apply black eyeliner all over your lids. Use a smudging brush to smudge it. This may look untidy but worry not, the end result will certainly be far better. Now use a matte black eyeshadow all over the lid. Apply white highlighter in the inner corners and on the brow bone.
Take a flat eyeshadow brush, and apply a silver eyeshadow on the middle of the lids. Blend well so that there is a gradient of silver to black. Run a thin layer of black eyeshadow on the lower lash line to create a mirror effect.
★ Applying dark eyeshadow in the outer corners along the top and bottom lashes helps in making the eyes look rounder.

★ Avoid heavy eyeshadow all over the lids as it closes up the eyes too much. Light, bright shadows should be your new best friends.
Mascara and Brow Perfection for Almond Eyes
★ Lots of mascara in shades of black or brown help in opening up the eyes and make them look prominent.

★ For a natural look, use brown or transparent mascara.
★ False eyelashes give the eyes a dramatic look. If you do not want false lashes then curl the lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara.

★ Rather than rounded brows what is needed is a more angled arch. Use brow powder to fill in and create a defined arch.
MAC Senior Artist John Stapleton once commented "Ideally, most women want to make their eyes appear almond-shaped." So, if you are lucky enough to have it then there is just nothing like it.
Go and explore the varied eye makeup looks with your Cleopatra eyes. If you are still confused then get inspiration from the red carpet looks of celebrities like Eva Longoria, Mila Kunis, Katherine Heigl and Emma Watson.