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Eyeshadow Techniques to Accentuate Your Eyes

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Applying an eyeshadow is a great way of enhancing the beauty of your eyes and playing with their shape. Read the various techniques given here to get the desired look.
Since ages, women have implemented ways to beautify their eyes. Applying makeup not only enhances their beauty, but it also gives you a glamorous and polished look. You can play with the color of an eyeshadow to get a look to go with the occasion.
It also allows you to experiment with the shape of your eyes. You can make smaller eyes look larger while you can also reduce the effect of the large protruding ones. However, to get the desired look one must know the correct way.

Eyeshadow Tips

Prepare Your Eyes for Makeup

Before you are all set to apply eyeshadow or any eye makeup for that matter, it is important to prepare your eyes. Clean your eyes with a cotton ball soaked in cold water.
Apply a small amount of moisturizer if your eyes appear too dry. Dab liquid foundation on the eyelids and the area around eyes. If you have dark circles, use a concealer to reduce their appearance. Using a powder foundation and a large brush blend the foundation and concealer very well. Gently dust off extra foundation.

Decide the Shape

There are two basic shapes of eyeshadow application, winged and round. In winged shape, the eyeshadow turns upward towards the eyebrow to make a shape of a wing. In the round version, the eyeshadow ends at the crease near the corner of the eye.
If you are older and have sagging skin around eyes, it is best to go for a rounded shape. Young women with firm skin can go for any of the two shapes. If you are not sure which shape looks best on you, try applying the winged shape on one eye and round on the other eye.
Check in the mirror to decide which of them suits you the best. However, do this experiment a few hours before you actually begin with the final makeup.

Choose the Color

There are numerous shades to choose from. You should have at least 4 different colors in your makeup kit to acquire different looks. Neutral shades are best suited for daily use and on formal occasions.
You can apply cool, funky colors for night parties. You can also blend 2 - 3 shades to get a unique look. Also, take into account the shape of your eyes before choosing color. To make small eyes appear larger, apply lighter shades as they open up the eye and create an illusion of big eyes. Darker shades can be used on large eyes for a more dramatic effect.
If you have a very light skin tone, avoid using dark shades as they may look artificial and very bold. Older women should also avoid the use of dark eyeshadow colors. The color of eyes should also be taken into account while choosing the color of the eyeshadow.


For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes can carry almost any shade. Generally, cool blues, warm greens, and bronzes look particularly great with brown eyes.

For Blue Eyes

Copper, peach, coral, bronze are the colors that truly bring the beauty of deep blue eyes. Blue eyes should not be matched with shades of blue eyeshadow.

For Green Eyes

Chocolate shades look stunning on green eyes. Soft mauves and lilacs also rather appealing on green eyes.

For Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes can truly give justice to bold colors like gold, purple, orange, etc. They can carry brown, green, and pink shades.
Usually, you should go for three colors of eyeshadow while applying it. A lighter shade is used as a base color; the darker shade is used over the base color and gives the true color of the eyeshadow. An eye pencil of a dark shade can be used to highlight the contours of the eyes. The base and the main eyeshadow color should be blended really well.
If you are hesitant about wearing an eyeshadow, you can always play it safe by going for neutral colors like beige, pink, peach, etc. Choosing a correct method of application can indeed help you to look glamorous and appealing.