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Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
The perfect eyeshadow for hazel eyes adds magic to the unique color of these beautiful eyes and can make you look dazzling all the time. The following tips will help you enhance the beauty of your eyes.
One of the most difficult eye colors to match is hazel. These are medium-brown and dark brown eyes with green shades. You can have a brown center with green edge or the colors could range from a lighter shade of brown, yellowish brown, or a little bit of gold. This eye color is dominant in the South and East European nations, and even in Britain.
In America, this term is used for eyes with a color range that is brown to green, or even blue. To make your life simple, eye color with shade variations in gold, brown, and green is known as hazel.
If you are one of the lucky few with this beautiful and unique color, then applying makeup that includes the best eyeshadow for your eye color, will help you change your look and bring out the different colors.


Before applying the eyeshadow, you should determine the dominant color in your eyes. There are many variations in hazel eyes, and best eyeshadow is the one that lets the dominant color stand out. Mostly, green is found to be the dominant color. The best eyeshadows for hazel eyes are neutral colors, like brown and pinks.
You can also draw attention to your eyes by using purple and green. You can choose a wide variety of purple shades, like lilac, plum, violet, eggplant, etc., to make your eyes look attractive. If you choose a green shade, then choose dark green colors and wear them in the crease, along with a neutral color on the eyelid.
Do not choose blue and gray, as they clash with the natural colors of your eyes. If you observe gold tones or flecks in your eyes, then choose gold or bronze eyeshadows.
You can even try the tried-and-tested colors, like brown, apricot, purple, plum, and deep khaki. You can even try forest green to brighten the green in the eyes. In case you want to create a more funky look, choose colors like tangerine, royal blue, hot pink, and lime-green.

How to Apply the Eyeshadow

  • Begin with a base coat of neutral eyeshadow. Cover the entire eyelid with a base color like beige or champagne. If you have a darker complexion, then choose darker shades or a brighter shade.
  • Contour the eyes using a darker shade. Blend the darker eyeshadow with the base color to create depth and add to the mystery.
  • Use a light, shimmery color to highlight the brow bones of your eyes. You can even use highlighters on the inner eye to brighten them up.
  • The eyeliner helps give more depth to your eyes. Apply it on the rim of the eyelid, with a darker shade on the upper and lower lash line and white eyeliner in the rims.
  • The white liner helps brighten up the eyes and makes them look wide and awake.
If your eyes have a green dominant shade, the eyeshadow should include gold, bronze, and copper colors. You can even go in for brown, chocolate, and mustard yellow. Peach, beige, champagne, taupe, and apricot also work well for hazel eyes. Plum, mauve, purple, violet, pink, and deep or mossy green also look good as eyeshadow for hazel eyes.
If you have brown as the dominant shade in your eyes, then try colors like brown, beige, and tan.
You can even opt for colors like gray, charcoal, khaki, olive green, and mocha. In case of gold flecks, try bronze and gold as your eyeshadow color. Violet and lavender also work wonders.
These are some eyeshadow tips for hazel eyes that will make your eyes look attractive and bring out the various colors in them. Try not to choose a blue eyeshadow, as it tends to pull down the hazel in your eyes. Shades of brown and a dark liquid eyeliner will help you achieve a dazzling look. Keep experimenting with colors till you find the right shade that makes your eyes sparkle and give you the look of a diva.