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Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

Deepa Kartha
If you are endowed with beautiful green eyes, appropriate eyeshadow is necessary to accentuate the way you look. This article will help you choose the right shade of eyeshadow for green eyes and suggest ways to apply it.
In the world of makeup, lot of emphasis is laid on eyes, as they are considered to be the most important facial feature. Just like any other type of makeup, doing eye make up is also an art which one has to learn and practice to become an expert. As an artist has to know about the different colors and how they look when blended with other colors, it is necessary that a person know about the different eyeshadow colors which go well with their eyes.
For instance, there are certain shades that look really good on people who are gifted with a lovely pair of green eyes. However, not many people know about this and use colors which go against the color of their eyes, ripping off its natural beauty. As this can be considered as a major fashion faux pas, one has to know about the appropriate options and the ways to apply the eyeshadow to make your green eyes look more attractive.

Best Eyeshadow Options for Green Eyes

While looking for the perfect eyeshadow, an important factor that has to be considered is one's skin tone. Usually, people with green eyes have a very fair to medium skin tone. However, there are also dark-skinned people who have green eyes.
Moreover, as green has several shades, like turquoise, forest green, chartreuse, light, or very dark green, the shade of the eyeshadow will also depend upon this factor. Here are some eyeshadow tips for green eyes that will aid you in choosing one that suits your eye color.
  • One of the best colors that is most commonly used by people with green eyes is brown. Most of the shades available in this color go well with green eyes; however, chocolate brown looks especially great. Other than brown, even dark green is a good color that will look fabulous.
  • Apart from brown and dark green, other shades that add to the beauty of green eyes include beige, cream, lavender, coral, light green, medium pink, soft purple, peach, lilac, coral, and mocha. Even yellow is said to be a great shade that works really well for people who have green eyes.
  • Once you have chosen the base color that heightens the look of your eyes, the next step is to choose the highlighters. For everyday makeup, using taupe or apricot shade to highlight your eyes is a good choice. If you want an evening look, it is best to go for darker shades, like metallic, dark purple, mauve, gray with purple undertones, plum, etc. Gold and copper shades are used to achieve a glamorous look, and should be saved for special occasions.
  • While you are looking for an eyeshadow to suit green eyes, you must also know the colors to be avoided. Basically, you have to avoid cool colors including white, blue, silver, light pink, etc., as they will give a dull look to your splendid green eyes. It is also important to stay away from pastel shades, as they are preferred as eyeshadow for blue eyes.

How to Apply

After you have chosen the appropriate eye shadow base as well as highlighter for your eyes, the next important thing that you have to know is how to apply it. Once you have done the base makeup, apply an eye primer on the eyelids. Spread it evenly all over the eyelid, and as it gets absorbed, apply the highlighter with a good brush. Begin from the tip of the lash line to the brow bone and do not forget to cover your entire eyelid. If you wish, you can opt for a second color, like peach or apricot. However, see to it that it matches with your base color.
In the end comes the darker shades, like copper, gold, chocolate brown, etc. These can be applied in two ways according to the look you want to receive in the end. You can either start at the center of the eyelid taking it to the crease, or begin from the inner tip of the eyelid till the end. If you are interested in a dramatic look, instead of sticking to just one color, you can use several colors.
The eye makeup remains incomplete without eyeliner, and most women prefer using a black one. However, makeup experts are of the opinion that it does not go well with green eyes, and that it is better to use a brown eyeliner. Apart from brown, even bronze and gold eyeliners look good on people with green-colored eyes. Eyeliner should be followed by mascara, which is the last step of eye makeup.
One important thing that you have to remember is that there are no rules when it comes to choosing the perfect eyeshadow. For instance, some people with green eyes do look good when they apply a blue or pink shadow. Hence, I recommend that you should experiment with different colors and shades to come out with the ones that look perfect for your beautiful green eyes.