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Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Bidisha Mukherjee
There are several colors available in the eyeshadow range, which complement brown eyes perfectly. However, it is not just the color which is important, but the right shades of a given color are equally crucial.
Eyes are one of the most beautiful features of our face. Women with brown eyes are bestowed with naturally brown lenses. Eyelids covering these "lenses" can be groomed beautifully with various colors of eyeshadow for brown eyes.
While selecting the right shade, you should keep both your skin complexion and eye color in mind. For women with a fair complexion, light colors are preferable while for those who are dark skinned should look out for some deep colors.

Colors Which Complement Brown Eyes

Those with brown eyes have several options to choose from when it comes to selecting an eyeshadow. A list of these is provided in the following paragraphs.
Brown: For women with brown eyes, a brown eyeshadow is the most popular choice. However, the shade to be chosen depends on the type of your eyes. Those with light brown eyes should opt for the color range which falls in between medium to dark. If the color of the eyes are dark brown, the light or medium shades should be opted for. In case the eye color is medium brown, you can wear light or dark shades of eyeshadow.
Purple: This is an excellent choice for those who have the unique combination of brown eyes and an olive skin tone. It can be used by people with other skin tones as well. However, the purple should not be of a very dark shade. Light and medium shades highlight brown eyes really well. You can experiment with gray or metallic purples and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.
Gray: This is another natural color that suits brown eyes. It is mostly chosen by those who want to have a smoky look. Dark and medium shades of gray are usually used. However, if the lighter shades fascinate you more, then you can use it by combining it with dark and medium shades.
Other Colors: The other two colors that are used quite often are gold and pink. You can use any shade with brown eyes. Green and blue eyeshadow are also good options. However, one has to be extra cautious while finding the right shades of blue or green. Or else, you may end up regretting your experiment. If the eyes are dark brown in color then light to medium shades can be applied, but for light brown eyes it has to be either of dark or of medium shades.

Eye Shadow Tips

Here are some unique tips to apply eyeshadow for brown eyes that can accentuate your beautiful looks and help you to stand out in a crowd
  • Light shades can give a natural look to the eyes while darker shades add dramatic effect to them.
  • To get a natural look, the best choices are brown, peach, light pink, taupe, and champagne.
  • To make your eyes look bright, pink eyeshadow is the best choice for you. Any color that has a shimmer can also serve the same purpose.
  • For a smoky effect, use gray eyeshadow with gray eyeliner.
  • When you are applying light shades, it should start from the eyelash up to the brow.
  • For a quick but simple make up for brown eyes, use a pastel shadow with shimmer all over the eyelid. Apply a dark shade eyeliner on the upper lid only. Then apply two coats of dark gray or brown mascara after curling up the lashes and you are ready.
  • In order to draw maximum focus on your eyes, you should keep the rest of the makeup to a minimum. Apply neutral shades on your lips and cheeks.
The main aim of this article is to guide you while selecting the best colors of eye shadow for brown eyes. However, that does not mean you have to strictly stick with these options. You are free to experiment with various colors and shades to highlight your eyes as you wish.