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Tips to Help You Choose The Eyeliners That Stay On

Ratnashri Dutta
Tired of the fact that you always end up with smudged eyeliner? Here is some information about eyeliners that stay on. Go through it to find out more about it and get rid of those smudged eyeliners...
Eyeliners are meant to make your eyes look attractive. They are meant to highlight the beauty of your eyes. But smudged eyeliners? Running eyeliners? Smeared eyeliners? No, we don't think they make one look great at all.
So, if you are facing similar problems, then you are probably wondering whether there are any ways to have eyeliners that stay on. Lucky for you, there are. Keep reading to find out how.

Keep Eyeliner In Place

There are various ways in which you can use eyeliners that stick on, like by using an eyeliner that doesn't smudge which will make you look like less of a messy person. Here are some tips which you can follow in order to prevent your eyeliner from smearing.

No Moisturizer

While you are applying moisturizer on your face just before you start applying your makeup, make sure that you do not get any of it on your eyelids. If accidentally, you do get it on, then remove it.
Eyeliner and moisturizer, does not make a good combination and together, they give you the look which looks good if you are a rock star or if you are going for a rock show, but not if you are going to work or for a PTA meeting.

Not Without My Primer

You may forget any other item of your makeup set, but do not forget your primer. It is the must have of any pro makeup kit. The primer neutralizes and covers your eyelids with a protective layer.
This layer absorbs the makeup that you apply and locks it and secures it for a long time. So that's why, if you want to use makeup that stay on, then you should always have a primer.

Golden Rule of Putting Eyeliner

One golden rule that you should remember while applying eyeliner is that you should start from the outer corner of your eyes and then move on to the inner side.
Why should you do that? Well, this step secures the makeup's proper application. When you apply the eyeliner for the first time, you have to wait till it dries up completely.

Use Pencil and Liquid Liner

If you are confused between liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner, then here's something that will clear your confusion. It is best that while applying eyeliner, you use pencil eyeliner before you use the liquid one.
This is because the first coat of pencil eyeliner will draw the line and also acts as the perfect coverage in order to preserve the eyeliner. Sure, the liquid eyeliner gives your eyes an even better look but it is more prone to smearing.
Pencil eyeliners too, fades away pretty fast. So, if you want eyeliners that live on, it is better that you apply both the liquid as well as the pencil products wisely for best results.

Translucent Powder

After you have applied your eyeliner, use a soft eye shadow brush and put a small amount of translucent powder over your eyeliner.
You have to use a small amount so that it doesn't spoil your eye makeup, by creasing. This powder will secure both your casual as well as party makeup look.

Lower and Upper Lashes

It is best that you use pencil eyeliners on the lower lashes while for the upper lashes, you use the liquid one. Look down while you are applying your eyeliner for a perfect line.

Be Careful

If you want to look good, then you have to sacrifice a lot. All the models that you see, had to face severe hardships in order to be what they are today. Be careful that you do not rub your eyes unconsciously.
Once you do that, all your hard work goes down the drain. Always keep this in mind. In the beginning it will be difficult for you, but slowly, with time, you will get used to it.
Whew! That was easy, right? You don't have to do much to keep your eyeliner on for a longer time. Just follow these simple steps and voila, smudged eyeliner will be a thing of the past.