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Eyeliner Tips for Brown Eyes

Veethi Telang
Women with brown eyes are very lucky, as they can line their eyes with an array of colors. They can opt for colors like blue, green, purple, and black, to make their eyes pop.
The right liner gives your eyes more definition and helps enhance your look. It helps you transform from a plain Jane to a style diva in a matter of minutes. It is very important to choose the right eyeliner, depending on the color of your eyes. Women with brown eyes have it very easy, because they can carry off most colors with ease.
They can wear the liner thick, thin, over, or under the lid, and look amazing doing so. Even though bright hues look marvelous on brown eyes, many women go in for subtle neutral shades to look professional and crisp. Given below are some tips that will make your eyes look drop dead gorgeous.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Applying the Liner

Knowing the right technique of applying liner is of utmost importance. A liner can enhance your eyes, and also make them look dreadful. Applying liner is very easy. Once you are done with applying eye-shadow, you need to brush off the excess from under your eye using a soft brush.
Then, with a gentle hand, rim the lower eyelid using a liner pencil in the color of your choice. Start by gently pulling your eyelid down using the pad of your ring finger. Rim the lower lid starting with the inner corner, gently moving outwards. If you want you can extend the line a little outside your eye, for an overall tapered look.
For the upper eyelid, you can choose between a liquid or pencil liner. If you are a novice at applying liner, it is strongly recommended that you use a pencil. Usually experienced makeup artists encourage women to start with lining the upper lid from the outer corner, working inwards, but you do what is comfortable for you.
If you are learning how to use liner, I would suggest you draw a faint line on the upper eyelid with a few gaps in it, so that you can apply a second coat to finish it well. If you have made a faint line and are happy with the way it looks, you can darken it, thus finishing your look.
If you have kept gaps, you need to fill them and then darken the entire section. Always make sure that the liner is close to your lashes to give your eyes the perfect finish. The procedure of applying liquid liner is the same as using a pencil.
  • Keep a steady hand while applying the liner.
  • Have patience and do not be in a hurry.
  • If by any chance the liquid liner gets into your eyes, wash it off immediately with cool water to prevent burning or itching.
  • Practice so that you get confident in your technique.

Using Color

As I mentioned earlier, women with brown eyes are extremely lucky as they can choose any color they want for their eyes. When applying any colored liner (except black and dark brown) you need to remember a few things.
  • Line your eyes with the light color - blue, green, plum, violet, pink, golden, silver, etc. Then, use a black or dark brown liner to create a thin smooth line sticking to the lash line on both lids. This trick helps to make your eyes pop and look complete.
  • If you are using brown liner make sure that it is a dark shade, as a light one will not look very good.
  • Women use colored liners, especially shades of blue, green, purple, and pink for casual occasions or when they go clubbing.
  • For formal outings like work or business dinners, using neutral shades like black or dark brown is a better option.

The Stroke Width

The width of the line depends on the size of your eyes. If you have large eyes, then using a thin line will make your eyes pop. You can go in for a thicker line if you want to look done-up.
For smaller eyes, a thin coat of liner is good enough, as you do not want your eyes to look too small. If you want a natural look, stopping the liner just on the corners of your eyes and smudging it a bit is a good idea. But, for a more dramatic and exotic look you can extend the liner a little longer.
Lastly, apply two or three coats of a good volume enhancing mascara, to make your lashes look rich and long. When you need to remove the liner off your eyes, do so using cleansing pads or soft cotton. Always use good quality products so that you do not get any allergic reactions.