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Intricate Eyeliner Designs and Patterns

Aastha Dogra
Eyeliners are often opted by women to make their eyes more appealing. Continue reading to know more about some interesting ideas on the different patterns in vogue.
One of the highly popular means to enhance the beauty of one's eyes used by the modern-day woman is an eyeliner. They accentuate the natural beauty of their eyes by making various patterns on their eyes. Here are some ideas and designs which any woman can make herself at home to beautify her eyes.


For giving a classic look to the eyes, take a black liquid eyeliner. With a single stroke, outline the upper lashes from the inside to the outside with a thin line. Care should be taken to give a clean and streamlined look.
A classic design needs a lot of practice as multiple strokes should ideally be avoided. If you are using an it for the first time, you may use one or two strokes more to give proper touch up to the eyes. This look goes very well in formal events or as an office wear.


For adding glamor to the eyes and to look sassy, thick black eyeliner should be applied to the upper lashes. It should extend beyond the corner of the outer eyes, and end with an upward slope.
Lower eye lashes should be outlined with the same or even an eye pencil. Glamorous designs using the liquid variety go very well on a romantic date or even while partying with friends.


For giving yourself a dramatic look, you can use an eyeliner of some bold color such as purple or green.
Take the liner and make a stroke on the upper lashes. Start from the center of the eyelashes, instead of the inner corner as it will make the eyes appear larger. Similarly line the lower lashes, from the center too. Remember to use thick strokesĀ for a dramatic look. Once you are done, you may dust the upper lid with a gold tinted eye shadow.


To give the eyes a smoky look, use a shade of green. Make thin lines on both upper and lower lashes with the green shade.
Now, take a gray-colored eyeliner and make a thick line on both the lashes with it, in a manner that it blends with the green line. When it has dried, dust the upper eyelids with a pink eyeshadow.


For a goth look, Egyptian style designs are extremely popular. Line the lashes with a thick black liner. Extend it beyond the corner of the eye, meeting at a single point just short of the hairline.
Apply thick strokes on both lashes to give yourself a true goth look. If you want to make the eyes look even more dramatic, use a contrasting eye shadow such as green or pink, and dust the upper lids with it.

Additional Tips

  • Always apply the liner from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner and not vice versa.

  • Apply on the upper lashes first and then move on to the lower lashes.
  • An eyeliner should be applied after the foundation has been applied but before the mascara and the eye shadow.

  • Lastly, if you feel that some designs did not suit you and you want to get rid of it, never use water or soap as it can make the face look very puffy and blotchy. Instead use a proper make up cleaner for the purpose.