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Eyelash Tinting

Tulika Nair
If everyday application of mascara is wearing you down, then here is something to save you from the mundane routine, eyelash tinting. Read on to know more about it.
You leave work to meet your friends for an early dinner, and get caught in a freak rain shower. You reach the restaurant and your friends stare at you like you are the Wicked Witch of the West. Without even looking at the mirror, you know that the disaster of mascara has struck again.
Sounds familiar? Well then, you are probably one of the hundreds of women who are not blessed with naturally long and curling eyelashes, and resort to mere mortal cosmetic enhancers, like the mascara. Believe it or not, now there is a solution. Welcome to the world of tinting your eyelashes.
Tinting eyelashes is a cosmetic procedure, where a person's eyelashes are dyed with a color of her choice. This procedure is temporary, and is carried out at most beauty parlors. Eyelash tint dyes are the new fad in the world of eye makeup, and are available in colors ranging from black and brown, to jet black-blue combination.
Eyelash tints are a boon for the modern-day women who have a busy lifestyle. If you want to maintain a stylish and glamorous persona at all times, but are unaware of the perfect eye makeup techniques, then all you need is a monthly application of eyelash tint. Mascara, as we know it, can now be officially discarded from the vanity case.
If you are a swimmer, and have discovered that your favorite stress-buster is going to cost you and your makeup, then your new best friend could be waiting at your neighborhood beauty salon.
Contact lenses and mascaras do not always get along. In a lot of cases, cosmetics like mascara have resulted in itching in the eye. With tinted eyelashes, women who wear contacts or have an allergy to mascara can avail the benefits.

Eyelash Tinting: The Process

Things you need:
  • Eyelash Tint
  • Glass dish
  • Oxidant
  • Q-Tips
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Cotton Balls
  • Water

This process needs a lot of care, and should be ideally carried out by a professional. But if it is done at home, then given below is the procedure:
  1. Wash your face and eyes well, in order to remove any residue of makeup.
  • Now, a slightly moist cotton ball should be placed under the eyelash so that the tint does not enter the eyes.
  • Use another Q-Tip or the applicator to apply the eyelash tint. Be careful during the application.
  • The color that you want your lashes to be determines the period for which you need to have the tint on, but do not keep it for more than 15 minutes.
  • Moisten a cotton ball and dab at the eyelashes to remove the extra tint. The direction of this dabbing should be from the roots of the eyelashes to the tips.
  • Use another cotton ball to wipe off the petroleum jelly around your eyes.
The process is not time-consuming, and takes no more than 20 minutes. Do remember that the procedure is not permanent, and in order to retain the look, you need to undergo reapplication in 4 - 6 weeks. The cost of tinting your eyelashes can be anywhere between USD 14 - 30.


Eye care is extremely important in any process that involves cosmetic or surgical enhancement of the eyes. It is important to know that the FDA has not approved the process eyelash and eyebrow tinting. It has caused stinging and watery eyes in some women who have tried the process.
In fact, there has been at least one death that was caused in the 1930s because of it. Please ensure that you do a patch test on your arm or skin to check for allergies to the eyelash tint dye.
There are several DIY kits available in the market that allow you to do so in the comfort of your home, but it is advisable that the application of the tint be performed by an expert.
With a few precautions under your belt, you could be the next boastful model for your (not so) naturally long and dramatic eyelashes.