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Eyelash Dye

Puja Lalwani
Dying eyelashes have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. Let us look at some more information on this procedure.
Many women and teenage girls, in an attempt to match their eyelashes with their hair and skin tone, are opting for eyelash dye. It has become even easier with the availability of a variety of kits in the market. However, it is important to be aware of all the information regarding this procedure before venturing into it.

The Process

The process of dyeing eyelashes can be carried out at a salon, or at home with a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kit at home. Even so, it is advisable to first try out the process in the salon.
  • The area surrounding the eyelashes is covered protectively.
  • The dye is applied on to the eyelashes.
  • After fifteen minutes, it is wiped off with water.
Not only is the procedure at a salon quick, but it is also inexpensive, and results in long eyelashes that perfectly match your hair and skin. The dye tends to last for a month. Eyelashes can also be dyed semi-permanently.
If you want to tint your eyelashes on your own, ensure that you choose the right eyelash dye kit. Following the procedure of eyelash tinting is not difficult, but careless and incorrect use of the dye can be harmful. Follow these steps to purchase the right kit:
  • When you decide to dye your eyelashes yourself, it is important to understand what color will suit your skin and hair. It is very tempting to try the variety of colors in the market. You can take a trial of the colors that may suit you with those dyes that last for a day.
  • Eyelash dyes are also available at various salons, which are authorized to deal in professional beauty products. Purchasing a kit from them is wiser as they can help you choose the right dye.
  • Take your pick from a permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary dye.
  • Look out for the ingredients of the dye. Opt for a kit that uses vegetable dye to color the eyelashes. It is relatively safer than other chemical dyes.
  • Follow exactly, the instructions mentioned on the kit, including the patch test to avoid any allergic reactions later.

Risks and Safety Measures

As beautiful as they may make your eyelashes look, using eyelash dye involves a certain amount of risk. In fact, the US FDA has strictly discouraged the use of any eyelash or eyebrow dyes. 
This is because several dyes, mainly those imported from other countries, have been found to contain coal-tar, the use of which can cause infections leading to impaired vision or permanent blindness. Following are some other risks of using these dyes:
  • Firstly, there is a major difference between hair dye and eyelash dye. Do not, under any circumstance, use hair dye on your eyelashes. The intensity of chemicals can result in swelling and inflammation, and cause an infection in the eye.
  • None of the products in the market that claim to be eyelash dyes, are approved by the FDA. In such a case, the only person responsible for any discomfort or problems would be you.
Though eyelash dyes promise the beauty you have always dreamed of, they do have several risk factors. Many women have claimed to have conducted safe procedures without any problems. Nonetheless, statistics claiming visual impairment, blindness, and death cannot be ignored.
There are several alternatives to those dreamy eyelashes you've always longed for, such as mascara and temporary dyes, which are relatively safer than the permanent ones.