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Tips on Choosing the Right Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face

Bidisha Mukherjee
The shape of the eyebrow plays a crucial role in making your beautiful eyes look even more attractive. This write-up contains a brief overview of various eyebrow shapes and which type should be chosen for a particular facial cut.
Eyebrows do not just frame the eyes, but are also important for our facial expressions. They can bring about a marked difference in the overall look of the face.
Earlier, it was the women who used to shape their brows in order to highlight the unique features of their eyes and make their makeup look good. However, today, men are also aware of the importance of properly groomed eyebrows.

Different Shapes

The golden rule you should follow while selecting the right shape for eyebrows is that it must be as per the natural curve of your forehead. Each of the different type of shapes have been explained here.


This shape has a striking appeal and is one of the best for round faces, as it helps make the face look slimmer. For this reason, it even suits wide face cuts very well.
The brow starts at the inner corner of the eye and moves upwards, then it comes down making a steep dramatic slope and ends at the outer edge of the eye. Care should be taken while shaping the eyebrow in this way, as an extreme angular curve will give an angry expression to your face.


This shape can add a brighter expression to closely spaced eyes and is suitable for faces with sharp angular features, as it helps to soften up the overall appearance.
Basically, the shape of a curved eyebrow is the same as that of a half circle. The area of the upward slope and that of the downward slope should be proportional to each other.


An arch-shaped brow has got a lot of similarity with the angled eyebrow, but the edges are not so steep. The best part of arched brows is that it suits almost all types of faces.
It forms an upward angle starting from the inner corner of the eye and ends with a gentle downward slope.


This is also known as low-angled eyebrow shape. Here, the curve of the brow across its length is kept minimum and it appears to be almost like a straight line.
If people with widely spaced eyes opt for this shape, their eyes will appear much closer. It also suits long and narrow facial shapes, as the face will look much wider than it actually is.


You should know certain facts about shaping your eyes or else you may end up damaging them badly. Here are some valuable shaping tips that will help you in this regard:
Do not try to change the shape of your eyebrows completely. To get the perfect look, it is important that the natural shape of your eyebrow is kept intact, as you are born with eyebrows that are perfect for your face. So, just make some minor changes here and there to enhance your appearance.
Get a preview done before you opt for any particular shape of eyebrow. You can create a particular shape for the purpose of preview by hiding the hair with the help of a white eyeliner pencil.
First of all, trim the extra long, floppy hair with an eyebrow scissors before you start shaping. If there is even one stray hair, it can spoil perfectly done eyebrows.
Always start shaping near the nose. When you are using tweezers, make sure that you pull the extra hair in the direction in which they grow.
Strictly avoid over-shaping the eyebrows, as a thin pair of brows will give you a much older look. Moreover, you cannot correct overdone eyebrows unless and until the hair grows back.
Tweezing is considered as a better opting for shaping up eyebrows than waxing. This is because too much of waxing can change the direction of the hair growth and the skin texture may also get affected.
Properly shaped eyebrows can have a huge impact on the overall personality. So, select the right kind of eyebrow shape for yourself. If you are not confident enough to do it on your own, you can take the help of professionals in a beauty salon. Once you have got the shape done, you can maintain it at home by just plucking up the extra hair growth.