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How to Promote Eyebrow Growth

Geeta Dhavale
No doubt eyebrows enhance the look of a person, especially women. But if you suffer from slow eyebrow growth, read this story.
Women dream of dark, thick eyebrows that give them enigmatic and mysterious damsel look. For some, eyebrow hair is scarce and thin that makes them look a little less attractive. You must understand that hair growth rate is different in each person and depends on the genetics and hormonal levels in the body.
Apart from this, over-trimming eyebrows and damaged hair follicles can cause the loss of hair in that are. There is nothing much you can do to increase the growth. But there are certain ways using which you can stimulate it. If you are losing eyebrow hair due to some illness or treatment, such as psoriasis and chemotherapy, then its regrowth is quite a challenging process.

Home Remedies

You must remember that eyebrows grow slowly compared to hair on the scalp and other body parts. So you must follow any of the following treatments with patience, as you cannot achieve immediate miraculous results. Given below are some of the tips that you can try at home.
Vitamin Supplements: There are various hair vitamin supplements that stimulate the hair growth and speed up the process. Vitamins such as, A, C, B3, and E are known to stimulate the hair growth. But before taking them, you must consult your doctor.
Brushing Eyebrows: You need to buy a small brow brush and use it twice a day daily. Brushing regularly promotes blood circulation that stimulates hair growth and controls hair loss.
Eyebrow Pencil: It can give you temporary relief from thin and lightened eyebrows. Be sure to buy a color that matches your eyebrow hair. There are various eyebrow pencils available in the market that you can use regularly.
Olive Oil and Eucalyptus Oil: Both these oils can help with the regrowth. You need to massage the area with any of these oils everyday before going to bed. But avoid it if you have allergies by these oils, as it may adverse effect on your health.

Cosmetic Methods

One of the interesting things you can try with your eyebrows is getting an eyebrow tattoo. It is the suitable option for a person who is tired of eyebrow pencils, home remedies, and other products. Apart from this you can also go for eyebrow transplants that help you get permanent eyebrows.
It is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are transplanted from other body parts to eyebrows. But you need to consult the doctors to determine if you are a suitable candidate for transplant.
If you do not want to go for the surgical method you can opt for fake eyebrows. For this, you have to buy an eyebrow stencil set that includes stencil, brows, and adhesive. You need to place the stencil on your existing eyebrows and spray the new ones.
You can also go for fake a wig-like eyebrows, that come with a glue. All you have to do is paste the fake eyebrows on the old ones with the help of glue. But make sure to check the color of the fake eyebrows, that should be closely or exactly matching your natural ones.