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Everything You Should Know About Eyebrow Dye

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Applying eyebrow dye is not so difficult as it sounds. With simple tips and precautions, you can beautifully tint your brows like a professional, and give yourself a stunning look.
Women are always busy looking out for something that enhances their appearance. Besides putting eye makeup, a dye is meant for changing the color to the desired shade.
Most women prefer dyeing their brows to complement the color of the hair, while some apply it just to flaunt a new look. It is extremely important to select a safe product and apply it as per the instructions provided in the product leaflet.
While applying the dye, try to make it look professional. Otherwise, it may spoil your look rather than making a style statement out of it.
Based on whether the color (after dyeing) persists for a long period or not, there are basically two types - permanent and tint. The former, though long-lasting, may cause skin irritation in people having very sensitive skin. Thus, tint is a better alternative.

Quality of the Kit

At the time of selecting the kit, make sure you check the quality of the brand. A good color is easy to mix and apply, without excess dripping. In any case, the dye should not stain the skin. Last but not the least, a quality eyebrow dye should be long-lasting.

Purchasing the Kit

After you decide the brand, the next step is to choose the color that suits your hair shade and more importantly, your skin tone. In case you have dark brown hair, the ideal color is medium brown. Likewise, the trick is to select a color which is a shade darker or lighter than the hair color.


Other than the kit, you will need cotton pads, a disposable wand, dye developer, and a stain remover. First, remove makeup (if any) and wash your face with a mild soap. Towel dry the face and wear a headband to avoid any hair strands from coming to the face.

Mixing and Applying

Mix the hair color and developer as per the mentioned directions (probably in one to one ratio) and make a consistently thick paste. Using the wand, put the paste all over the brows, making sure that you cover the hair roots as well.


After 3 minutes or as per the prescribed time for the product, wipe the color carefully with a cotton pad. You can see whether the brows have picked up the color or not. If not, reapply the paste and wait for another 3 minutes. Gently, wipe off the tint with a dry cotton pad.


In order to arrest further dyeing, you can lightly dip a cotton pad in the stain remover and run it over the eyebrows. Wash your face and ensure that the dye does not get into the eyes. Give your colored brows a finishing touch by shaping them.
Never use hair dye in the eyebrows, as the chemicals can get into the eyes and cause unpredictable complications. If you are using an eyebrow dye for the first time and have little inclination towards hair coloring, it is better to get the job done in a beauty salon.
Once you understand the steps followed by the professional, you can consider doing it safely on your own.