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Miss These Simple Eye Makeup Tips at Your Own Risk

Rita Putatunda
Women have always used makeup to emphasize the beauty of their eyes and attractiveness of their faces. Eye makeup is an art by itself. Of course, it is all about personal choices. Keep it light if that's your personality, or use a heavy hand if you like. t is all about having fun, while using your face as a canvas to experiment with the different looks.
If you're wearing smoky eye makeup, a little beige or gold pencil on the inner eye corners will open up the area, but you only want to do it if the shadow is really dark. Otherwise, light pencil makes your eyes look too far apart, like a fish.
―Gisele Bundchen
As they say, the eyes are the windows of the soul. They speak volumes, giving your personality its intrinsic individuality. By applying makeup, you can enhance your eyes, or add drama to the whole face. Regardless of the shape or color of your eyes, you can transform them into beautiful assets by using makeup adroitly to add meaning and depth to them.
Eye makeup is basically about using eye shadow, mascara, kohl, and eyeliner skillfully. You may buy the best brands and the most expensive products available, but if makeup is not done correctly, it can turn out to be a disaster.

Choosing and Applying Eye Shadow

~ When applying eye shadow, it is best to begin by first applying a foundation or primer on the eyelids, in a thin layer, and top it with a layer of face powder. This will let you apply the eye shadow more smoothly, and will also make it last longer.
~ Choose eye shadow brushes of good quality, which are angled and flat. This will help you apply the eye shadow more evenly and accurately.
~ These days, eye shadows are available in myriad of colors, and in the form of creams, powders, and glittery dust. The color should be chosen according to the occasion, the time of day, your skin tone, the color of your hair, and of course, the color of your eyes.
~ If it is an evening party, you can afford to be dramatic, by using deep purple, blue or pink shades, and add a light dusting of gold or silver. But during the day, it is preferable to go for earthy tones and matte textures that blend well with your skin tone.
~ Always make sure to work your way from lighter shades to darker ones. Ultimately, however, you should choose eye shadows according to your own style, and what feels and looks good on you.
~ Experiment and practice on the back of your hand first, combine color families, like light blue and dark blue. When satisfied then try to blend the colors on to your eyelids.

Trends Of Eye shadow

You can use dark shades like blue and starting from the inner corner of eye cover the upper portion completely. Instead of applying kohl, you can faintly dab some color. This will give a fresh look to your eyes.
You can mix match two tone of colors. You can mix match blue with yellow, blue with cyan, pink with green. You can cover half part of the eye with one color and another half part with another color.
Similar double colors can be faintly dabbed instead of applying kohl. In nude eyes these colors will pop up beautifully.
For a night makeup you can choose bright shade such as pink. You can completely cover your upper eyelid and then dab colors on the outer rim of eyelid. This makes you look like a diva.

Applying Eyeliner

Once you finish with eye shadow, give definition to your eyes by applying an eyeliner. Use your imagination and try out different shades and ways to apply it.
~ The eyeliner should be applied in a thin line, as close to the lashes as possible. However, if you are want a dramatic look, then go for a thicker and darker line.
~ These days, eyeliners come in pencil, liquid, as well as powder form. So choose the one that best complements your look.
~ If it is a standard look you want, stick to natural colors, which are various shades of brown and black. However, if you want drama, then use all the vivid colors, from blues, greens, to mauves.
~ Line both the upper and lower lids to get the best effect. But, you can apply a thick liner on just the upper lid, which will give you a mysterious, heavy lidded look.
~ If you are using liquid eyeliner, a simple trick to obtain the perfect curve is by drawing small dots as close to the lashes as possible, and then joining the dots in one continuous line.
~ Your eyes are emphasized the best, when you enhance their shape by using three matching shades, which go from light, to medium, to a darker tone. Use the darkest tones on the outer areas of the eyes.

Applying Kohl to the Lower Eyelid

Herbal kohl are good for the eyes. They come in pencil, powder, or paste form, and are traditional used by both men and women.
~ Apply primer, baby powder, or compact powder first, to your lower eyelids for long-lasting effects.

~ Then, using a kohl pencil, draw a line starting from the outer edge and moving to the inner corner of the eye.
~ To make your eyes appear wider, apply only ⅔ of kohl to your bottom lash line, i.e., apply kohl at the beginning of the eyelash growth, and draw till the outer end.
~ To get a smoky eye look, apply same color eye shadow underneath the lower waterline.
~ Kohl that have natural ingredients are known to keep the eyes healthy and also helps eyelashes to grow long. But be careful of the ones that are not FDA approved, as they contain large amounts of lead, and could cause an eye irritation or infection.

Applying Mascara

When you apply mascara on your lashes, your eyes look beautifully framed. They not only add a line of contrast with the eye shadow, but also enhance its effect.
~ Always use eyelash curlers first before applying mascara.
~ Shake the mascara tube thoroughly. Next, twist the mascara wand inside the tube itself, and avoid pushing the wand up and down, as this will only introduce air and dry your mascara sooner.
~ If you are one of those women who like to go light with makeup, then use mascara sparingly, for a sophisticated look. Start with the lower lashes first, then move to the upper eyelashes, and start from the base or roots and then move to the tip.
~ If you want a dramatic look, then apply multiple coats when the first coating is still wet. Once the coating has dried, avoid reapplying mascara, as this will only result in clumps.
~ Nowadays, colored mascara comes in varied options―brown, blue, green, purple, and black, are few of the hottest colors around. But again, choose those that suit your skin tone, or if you want to try something that is out of this world, then go ahead and experiment.
~ To remove excess mascara smudges, use cotton buds dipped in Vaseline or baby oil.