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Perfect Eye Makeup Techniques

Parul Solanki
Although it is quite cliched but your eyes are certainly the window to your soul. Using the right eye makeup can accentuate the beauty of those doe-shaped eyes and change the entire look and personality of a person. Use these makeup techniques to highlight and emphasize your eyes.
Applying the right makeup is a prerequisite for women who want to enhance their natural beauty, hide the (little) flaws, and basically look a lot more confident. One of the fun parts of any makeup regime is the eye makeup. Playing up the eyes by using the appropriate makeup defines your facial features and accentuates this memorable characteristic.
After all, apart from the sexy pout, isn't Angelina Jolie's brilliant smokey eyes the next thing that you notice about her? However, not many people attempt to highlight their eyes for the fear that a bad eye makeup would stick out and make them look really awful.
However, eye makeup is not all that difficult. With a little practice and a bit of experimentation, you can get a look that is sexy and just perfect for you.
The first thing to consider for achieving the perfect eye makeup, is to discern the look you want. This could be based on the occasion or the amount of effort needed. Also, make sure that the entire look is tied together to prevent the individual features from looking mismatched.
So, whether you have chosen a eye makeup that is smudged and smoldering; polished and elegant, or simply crazy, here is a look at some of the most versatile and professional eye makeup techniques out there.

Makeup Tips For Eyes

Using a Primer

Using a primer on the eyelid ensures not only a smooth application but also a long-lasting eye makeup.
You can use just a bit of a primer or a concealer and apply it across the entire eye area, blending from the lash line to the brows. Dust-on a layer of translucent powder to smoothen the look and prevent "creasing".

Choosing the Eye shadow

Depending on the eye look that you choose, be it the sexy "smokey eyes" or the wacky "Gothic drama" look, select the eye shadow colors that you want to use. For achieving the classic smokey eyes, choose eye shadow shades of black, brown, or gray.
However, there are a lot of colors that you can use such as gray, violet, blue, plum, gold, forest green, copper, bronze, or a beige colored eye shadow. Many women, love the metallic shades of the blues and the browns which can work wonders. You can also choose the eye shadow based on the color of your eyes.
So, eye makeup for green eyes will be different from that for brown eyes. Most of the eye color kits come in three, four, and sometimes even five different shades inside. Although they are meant to be used together, Do NOT use all at the same time.
A classic look can be achieved by applying highlighter on the brow bone (the area right underneath your eyebrow), then the darkest shade (contour shadow) on the crease of your eyelid, followed by a midrange light color (base shadow) which can go on the lid itself.
A little bit of darker color is used on the outer edge to give that kind of wedge shape to the eye. This technique is also used to create the smokey look. However, recent fashion dictates the two-tone color with the dark color on the lid itself, with a little gentle blending upwards and a taupe or other lighter color which goes on the brow bone.

Line Your Eyes

Eyeliners are available in liquid or pencil, with a variety of applicators. While the pencil liners are used for achieving the smudged look, liquid liners have a more dramatic effect.
Use an eyeliner on the top lid for lining all the way across the edge of the eyelid, from the inside corner of the eye, along the lashes, to the outside corner. You can choose eyeliner color based on the eye shadow or simply work with the blacks and the browns.

Mascara for Your Eyes

You can use an eyelash curler to emphasize your long lashes. Now highlight them using a mascara. Do not go in for the lengthening, thickening, or curling mascaras or you can end up with clumps sticking out of your lashes (Yew!).
Believe us mascara can go from classy to trashy in seconds! Use a smudge proof mascara and apply using single stroke from the base to the tip of your eyelashes (Never try to do it the other way round).
Bold eye makeup should always be paired off with subdued makeup for the rest of the face. Therefore, finish off your look with soft or neutral lips and cheeks done in a soft color for blush. This way, the eyes become the focal point of your overall look and thus have the desired effect.