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Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Dhanya Joy
Selecting the right shades for eye makeup is essential to highlight their color and beauty. Read on for more information on some makeup ideas for blue eyes.
Those gorgeous looking blue eyes need to be decked up with the right shades of eye makeup to make them even more gorgeous.
A lot of women make this common mistake of sporting eye makeup that matches the outfit they are wearing or simply because it is their favorite color.
These reasons may not be enough to choose eye makeup that does not go very well with your eye color. So, in order to achieve that stunning look, choose the appropriate shades of eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner or eye pencil. Information here discusses eye makeup tips for blue eyes.


While choosing the eyeliner shades for blue eyes, you should opt for darker colors as they will help highlight blue eyes well. Choose shades like brown, dark green, charcoal gray, black, or dark blue.
Applying a thin stroke would work better than a thick one in the case of blue eyes. For a more starker effect, line the inner rims of your eyelid with a liquid white sparkle eye pencil. If you want smudged look, opt for eye pencil shades of the same color as the eyeliner. Remember not to apply light colors as they can underplay your blue eyes considerably.


Choosing the correct eyeshadow shades is the most important aspect of any eye makeup. Eyeshadow shades like deep blue, purple, mauve, lilac, taupe, violet and gray will work well for blue eyes.Pink or rose would also do quite well with blue eyes.
If you are looking for a smoky effect, then mix black and blue eyeshadow shades for that ultimate dramatic look. Do not apply light blue eyeshadow or a shade that matches your eye color because then the effect of eye makeup will be totally lost. Purchasing eyeshadow palettes or duo eyeshadow is a good option to find the perfect shades.


The mascara should be kept as minimal as possible for blue eyes. Stick to the basic black or experiment with a dark blue mascara shade for your blue eyes.
The mascara should have a rich color and should be smudge-proof and water-proof for long-lasting results.

Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

  • One of the best makeup ideas for blue eyes is to 'go brown'. Apply a dark shade of brown eyeshadow, brown eyeliner and black mascara. Apply any shade of brown lipstick, to compliment the brown eye makeup.
  • Brighten up your blue eyes by applying a little shimmered eyeshadow at the inner corners of the eye.
  • Applying smoky eye makeup would mean that you should keep the rest of your makeup neutral and light.
  • Using a dark brown eyeliner to line your lower eyelid rims would brighten and highlight your blue eye color.

  • Lavender eyeshadow and silver eyeliner is a very good combination to play up blue eyes. Bronze, too is an apt color as eyeshadow and eyeliner for blue eye makeup.
Use these ideas and tips for eye makeup to achieve that stunning look for any occasion and get ready to welcome a storm of compliments for your gorgeous makeup.