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How to Do Exotic Eye Makeup

Deepa Kartha
Dare to be different! This seems to be the new fashion mantra. And going exotic is surely one way to be different. Out with the peaches and pinks, and in with the greens and blues! Exotic eye makeup is definitely going to make you stand out in the crowd, you just need to know how to get it right. This story gives you basic pointers on the same.

Did You Know?

The shimmer and shine in your 'shimmer-and-shine' eyeshadow come from fish scales!
Eye makeup is considered to be one of the most important steps of the entire makeup routine. This is because eyes are the one feature that get noticed by people at the very first glance. No wonder then that girls and women spend so much time practicing different styles of doing up their eyes and choosing the best quality products for the same.
There is this one big problem with women though. Once they find a style that makes them look their best, they tend to stick to it for dear life and repeat it on every occasion. The experiments, thus, go for a toss. Girls, you need to understand that this routine can become boring not only for the onlookers, but also for you.
Life is too short to repeat things (good or bad)! Be bold, try out new designs, and experiment with your looks because you never know, the next one might just turn out to be better than the last one.
Clothes aren't the only things you get to do trial-and-error runs with. Our next choice of weapon is makeup! And eye makeup takes the front seat hands down. Here we talk about going all out with bold colors, freaky patterns, shine and glitter, and the works.
Exotic is the new different. However, there is a specific way in which it is supposed to be done, otherwise you might just end up with a hung over look instead of something that could have been glamorous and fascinating. Follow these instructions and rest assured that you will be the one who makes heads turn at that high-end fashionable event.

Step 1

Before you start, make sure that your face is clean.
This is important as it helps you maintain healthy skin and prevents the chemicals in the makeup products from spoiling its texture and appeal. So, it is important to go through the routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing before you apply makeup and after you take it off, as well.

Step 2

After you clean your face, tone it, and moisturize it thoroughly, you need to apply foundation. The foundation can be a liquid or powder, anything that suits your skin type, and should ideally be a tone lighter than your actual skin tone. You may or may not coat your face with a face powder after that.

Step 3

Once the base for the final look is set and your skin tone is evened out, you can start with your eye makeup.
First, apply the eye shadow base on your entire eyelid to ensure that the bold colors that you apply will not fade away easily. The best idea is to use a shade that will complement the other colors that you plan to use to get the expected look.

Step 4

The next step would be to use the eyeshadow colors that you have chosen. Though the color that will help in completing the exotic look should be of a darker tone, you have to apply a softer color first.

Step 5

You can use colors like purple, dark gray, champagne, etc., for this purpose. Use this color on your entire eyelid, including your brow line.

Step 6

The next step is to use colors in a darker tone like purple, plum, green, gold, blues, etc.
If you like, you can blend two or three shades to get a bolder look. After you have done this, you may go a step further and experiment with designs on your eyelids. For instance, if you have used a deep purple eyeshadow, you can decorate your eyes with white or green spots.

Step 7

A thick coat of mascara on the eyelashes gives them a better definition by making them look longer, thicker, and brighter than they already are. Available in cake, cream, and liquid forms, these can be chosen based on your choice and taste.

Step 8

Also, do not forget to curl your eyelashes. This will make the lashes look fuller and longer and make your eyes shine brightly.

Step 9

Since the eyeshadow designs are already bold in nature, you may skip the eyeliner. Instead, to get a fresh look, use glitter over the makeup.

Step 10

Once the eyes are done, get on with the rest of the makeup.
Paint your lips with a lip color, one that complements the colors of your eye shadow. Use a blusher to accentuate your cheekbones and achieve that perfection you were aiming for.
Exotic eye makeup essentially makes use of colors that are bold as well as bright. Hence, this look is best suited for parties or semi-formal events. Apart from playing with an assortment of colors, there are many other designs and accessories you can work with to give your eyes that touch of drama and fun.
One of the most popular ideas is creating tiger stripes, leopard prints, or some other animal print on the upper eyelids. You can also work with polka dots and swirls. Feel beautiful, stay beautiful!