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Exfoliate Lips with Sugar

Mamta Mule
Exfoliate lips with sugar scrub to make them soft and get rid of flaky layer over it. Here's what you need to do to get soft lips.
You would have heard about exfoliating body skin regularly to make it smooth and plain. The benefits of exfoliating skin are many. It helps reduce blemishes, pimples, infected ingrown hair and other such skin problems that make your skin appear unattractive.
Most importantly, exfoliation is done to eliminate the upper layer of our skin. This helps reveal the new skin layer which is soft and even. You might be using different body scrubs to exfoliate skin at home and get a fresh look.
Have you ever tried exfoliating your lips? Might be just while you used a facial scrub; but even then, you may not have tried to exfoliate lips with sugar.How about using a special scrub, just to exfoliate your lips? Yes, your lips are an important feature of your face and lovely pink, soft lips are desired by everyone.
Many a time, our lips get chapped and the flaky lips appear really terrible. So, if you are dreaming of having classic soft lips, then exfoliating lips with sugar is the key.
When you exfoliate your lips with sugar, you will get rid of dull, dry flakes and it will keep your lips looking even and moist. Sugar is one of the best exfoliants, as its granules work in the process leaving the skin soft.

Sugar Scrub Recipes

Recipe #1

Add a pinch of brown sugar to 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Mix it well and dab it on your lips. Leave this on your lips, for a minute. Now, gently rub it back and forth with a wet washcloth or your finger. Rinse properly with cold water. Apply a lip balm or a moisturizing cream afterward.

Recipe #2

Take 2 tablespoons of plain table sugar in a small bowl. Now, add honey. Keep adding just one teaspoon at a time, until it reaches the mixture a nice, thick, sticky, consistency. Apply this lip scrub as mentioned above, followed by application of lip balm,homemade lip gloss or face moisturizer.

Recipe #3

Take 2 tablespoons of white sugar and add a few drops of olive oil in it and mix well. Mix thoroughly to have a paste. Apply this paste on your lips and leave for a minute. Now, exfoliate your lips with your finger or a wet washcloth.

Benefits of Using Sugar for Exfoliating Lips

In the aforementioned sugar scrub recipes, sugar acts as an abrasive and honey has anti-bacterial properties and is non-allergenic. Olive oil is the best moisturizer, as it protects and soothes lips, and is also non-allergenic.
All these ingredients make best lip scrubs and don't even clog the pores around the mouth, where the scrub might spread while exfoliating lips. A lip balm or a moisturizer, when applied in the right manner after exfoliation, nourishes and moisturizes the newly exposed skin.
Remember to clean your lips, remove any lipstick, gloss or balm first. Be gentle and make sure that you scrub the complete lip surface and the corners. Exfoliated lips are less prone to chapping and the wrinkles will also be less noticeable.
After exfoliation, the lipstick will also stay on better. It's amazing to see how easily your lip gloss and lipstick glide over, after you exfoliate your lips. So just like a body scrub, exfoliate your lips to get smooth, soft, and kissable lips!