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Everyday Hairstyles for School

Rimlee Bhuyan
Hairstyles for school should be fun and easy and should require very little effort and time to style. Here's how to create some easy everyday hairstyles for school.
An easy hairstyle for school, should be something that can be created easily with minimum use of styling products. You are usually rushed in the morning and do not have the time for creating any elaborate hairdos. So you need a hairstyle that is simple yet appropriate enough to wear to school.
You cannot show up at school like a prom queen with a highly styled hairdo. An ideal hairstyle for school is one which can be created in a few minutes with minimum fuss. Avoid hairstyles that requires too many styling products and hair styling tools. Here are a few hairstyles.

High Ponytail

One of easiest and most popular teen hairstyles for school is the high ponytail. It is a great hairstyle that works on any texture of hair and can be styled for medium to long hair. The best thing is that it takes under 10 minutes to style.
First blow dry your hair straight with a paddle brush. Next, brush the hair back from your crown and the sides and gather it into a high ponytail. Secure it with an elastic and use a bit of serum to get rid of flyaway. Divide the ponytail into two inch sections and curl the ends with a curling iron.

Pouf Hairstyle

If you are looking for an easy hairstyle that is polished and easy to create, then you cannot go wrong with a pouf hairstyle. It is an ideal hairdo for those times when you do not want to leave your hair open, but at the same time don't want the hassle of creating an updo.
To create pouf hairstyle, first section off the top section of your hair, between your temples. Backcomb this section of hair, and pin it at the back of the crown. Brush the sides of your hair and gather it back to create a ponytail.

Romantic Braid

Another good hairstyle for school is to make a romantic braid. Braided hairstyles are very hot right now and they can be done in a matter of minutes. For this, you should blow dry your hair with a paddle brush and a good hair dryer. Brush back your hair and gather all your hair at the nape.
Now divide your hair into three equal sections and begin by placing the section at the right hand over the middle section and that in the left hand over the new middle section.Go on braiding your hair in this way until you arrive at the end.
Tie the braid with an elastic band or a cute ribbon. Pull out random sections from your braid with the end of a comb to give it a romantic and casual look. You can also mix it up a bit by creating different braids like French braid, side braids or fishtail braids.

Loose Bun

Let's recreate the Hanna Marin's bun hairdo from "Pretty Little Liars".
First, apply a golf ball sized amount of straightening cream through the length of your hair, making sure that the cream is evenly distributed through your hair. Next, blow dry hair with a paddle brush and a hairdryer.
Gather your hair back and secure it with an elastic to create a loose ponytail. Twist hair into a bun and wrap the ends around the elastic. Carefully run your fingers through the front of your hair to loosen it a bit. Finally, slide in a thin headband in a popping color in your hair.

Soft Curls

Another great everyday hairstyles for girls who want to wear their hair down is to opt for soft curls.
First blow dry your hair straight with the help of a paddle brush. Now divide your hair into one inch sections and curl them by using the narrow barreled attachment of a curling iron. Make sure that the curls are uniform and spiral in the same direction.
Backcomb the hair at the crown area with a rattail comb to add volume and cover the teased section with the top layer of hair to give a smooth appearance. Run your fingers through your curls and arrange them to frame your face. Mist the hairstyle with a light hairspray to keep the hairstyle in position.
So these were some everyday hairstyles that you can wear to school. You should remember that hairstyles for school should be fuss free and simple so that you are able to style them easily.