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Everyday Hairstyles

To sport different hairstyles everyday, tips here will help you acquire the desired look.
Rutuja Jathar
Women are often inquisitive about some easy hairstyles that don't require heat or rollers. The best option to escape the hair care drills is to try the short hairstyles, which are trendy and less fussy. However, you can also try some simple and easy hairstyles by yourself and look your best each day.

Medium Hair

Medium length hair is a blessing because such people can try various elegant updos and trendy hairstyles. The best way to get the perfect hairstyle is to add a few stunning bangs to your mane. You can go for choppy bangs, asymmetrical bangs, or long bangs and earn that sexy look, with minimum maintenance.
Once you get the bangs, you can style the hair further more by applying mousse on wet hair, in an upward direction! You are all set to go! You can also try some other medium length haircuts like blunt cut with long bangs, medium curled out bob haircut, or layered hairstyles for medium length hair as well.

Long Hair

Girls having long hair can flaunt any hairstyle that they desire. But when it comes to styling them everyday, it gets a bit tedious. A high ponytail is an option. (But wearing it too often can strain the hair roots and lead to hair loss).
For better results, add wavy curls to your hair with the help of mousse. You can create the waves with your hands too. Another way is to pin up the front hair strands behind your temple. You can try this semi-Edwardian look with the least amount of fuss.

Curly Hair

Women with curly hair find it hard to get out of that thick, frizzy, and heavy mane. A low bun is the perfect hairstyle to wear on a daily basis. For that, pull up your hair to provide height to the top of the head. Now, toss the bottom hair strands and tie a low bun at the nape, without combing the hair.
Make it a point to have a neat and tidy finish and refrain from tying it too tight. You can have a few long bangs at the front too. This hairstyle is suitable for thick or wavy hair.

Thin Hair

You should think of adding hair highlights and lowlights to thin hair. While the highlights will create a dramatic look, the lowlights will provide a subtle depth to the thin strands.
Refrain from overall layered hairstyles and restrict them to a certain areas. You should also try rolling the hair to provide them with volume, that they naturally lack. Get a medium haircut with asymmetrical bangs at the front and wear it in a medium high ponytail. You can also try a short bob hairstyles with subdued highlights.