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Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Loss

Saptakee Sengupta
What are the advantages of using evening primrose oil for hair loss? What are the ingredients that make the oil an important remedy for this problem? Read ahead to know the answers.
Hair loss is one of the most prevailing problems of this generation. The more our hair gets exposed to pollution, the more it tends to fall. The ultraviolet rays and frequent change of hair care products are damaging to out tresses. People opt for different measures to combat hair fall, among which natural remedies are considered to be much safer than chemical treatments. Herbal oils help in overcoming this problem when massaged regularly over the scalp. One such beneficial hair care product is the evening primrose oil.


Evening primrose grows almost in every part of the Americas, but is largely found in the desert regions of USA, Mexico, and Chile. The plant blooms during June to September and all the parts of the plant have some or other benefits. The oil is extracted from the seeds and its production is carried out at an industrial scale. There are numerous benefits of this oil owing to its composition. 25% of this oil is composed of two types of essential fatty acids, viz., gamma-linolenic acid and linoleic acid.
The fatty acids found in evening primrose oil are mainly the ones that are essential for our body. The balanced composition of these fatty acids shows all round health benefits, of which prevention of hair loss is one the most important ones.


Application of evening primrose oil on scalp provides complete nourishment to it. If you are suffering from dry scalp problems, like dandruff and flakes, then a thorough massage with this oil will eliminate these problems. Since this oil is rich in omega fatty acids, it will moisturize the scalp and keep it well nourished. This oil is also available in the form of pills and capsules.
People suffering from heavy hair loss due to high level of dihydro testosterone (DHT) are often prescribed evening primrose oil capsules as it lowers down DHT levels in body. DHT is a compound which, when produced in excess, causes tremendous hair loss and gradual baldness. Since the scalp derives nutrition from the oil, the dryness mitigates and eventually, the dandruff and flakes disappear.
People who undergo severe hair loss must start applying evening primrose oil to recover from the damage caused. Massage the oil throughout the roots of your tresses with your fingertips. Cover your hair with a hot towel for allowing it to get completely absorbed. You can also leave the oil overnight to get maximum benefits. Doctors also suggest intake of this oil so that the body receives the nutrients internally.
Evening primrose oil, when massaged along with castor oil, promotes regrowth of hair. You have to be a little patient to get positive results though. You can also make a bottle of homemade concoction of jojoba, flaxseed, basil, horsetail, burdock, and evening primrose oils. All these herbal oils contain ingredients that accentuate the hair growth process. The products can be purchased from any herbal outlet.
Evening primrose oil is also used for treating various other body ailments, like atherosclerosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It's also used for curing skin diseases and inflammation. It is also used to induce labor during pregnancy and to improve fertility in women.
If you are suffering from any kind of hair problems, then try this oil and note the difference. You should apply it every alternate day to get quick results. However, take the prescribed dosage for the oil capsules as suggested by your doctor.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.