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Simple Tips for a Dazzling Evening Makeup

Mukta Gaikwad
A cool breezy night out calls for a sultry look that will make heads turn. Here are a few evening makeup looks that will leave those around you spell bound.
A glamorous evening calls for a glamorous look. When it's about evening makeup looks, it's all about your eyes. In a subdued light, all you need is sexy eye makeup to look stunning. Minimal makeup or make up which comes very close to your skin tone, will surely make heads turns.
With dark and deep eye shades, create a dramatic look on your eyes and let the rest of the face play along. So if you are looking for a perfect night party look, here's how to apply evening makeup to get those killer looks.

The Basics

As basics of makeup suggests, your skin has be cleaned, toned, and moisturized before applying any makeup. If need be, scrub your face an hour before you start applying makeup. This will give you a smooth base to work on.
Before you begin, apply a foundation (which is almost the same as your skin color) or a primer on your eyelids. This will keep the makeup clinging to your skin for a longer time.

Smoky Eyes

If you want quintessential smoky eyes look, firstly follow the basics. Next, start with a black eyeliner. If you have a dusky skin, a chocolate brown eyeliner will also go well.
Apply the liner along the upper lash, making a line of uniform thickness. If you want a royal touch, a deep grapevine purple is perfect. Now start smudging the liner, from bottom to top. This will make the bottom of the eyelid darker than the top.
Now sweep a shimmery eye shadow across the top part of the eyelid and smudge it once again. This will lighten the tone and give your eyes a ashy look. On the lower eyelid, wear a thick line of kajal to get the most coveted evening look for your eyes.

Intense Lips

Most of us are afraid of wearing dark lipsticks or lip colors, but you needn't be! Exfoliate your lips with a wet washcloth to get rid of the dry chapped skin. Now apply a coat of lip balm or some moisturizer. With a nude lip pencil, follow the natural shape of your lips and outline them accurately.
If you have a sun kissed complexion, shades of brown and golden will look perfect.
For those with fair complexion, plum is the way to go for the evenings. With a brush, paint your lips carefully within the boundaries marked by lip pencil. Once the lips are completely painted, apply a coat of transparent lip gloss for the sheen, shine and all the dazzle!

Makeup Tips

As mentioned earlier, the makeup must focus the attention on your eyes. For a party that going to be rocking all night long, false lashes are the way to working up a magic charm.
Buy the ones with waterproof glue, so that they stay all night long. For the face, just apply a drop of nude foundation evenly and you are ready.
At the end of the party make sure you remove the make up with water and a good cleanser. Remnants of makeup can really cause a great amount of damage to your skin. Makeup only makes up for a day or two. Your flawless skin is what you can wear everyday. So take good care of it.