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Tips on Using an Epilator

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Epilation is an effective method of hair removal. However, one must know the correct technique of using an epilator, to get the desired results.
Unwanted hair has always been a problem for women, and many techniques for hair removal are in practice. However, each of these techniques has its own set of pros and cons. Shaving is quick and painless, but the results last only for a short while. Waxing gives you a smooth, hair free skin for quite some time, but it's too painful. Permanent hair removal methods are indeed effective, but they are very costly.
Epilators are a late entrant in the market of hair removal products. Nonetheless, they have become immensely popular among women. They are convenient to use, less painful than waxing, and offer lasting results. However, since this is an electronic device, one must know the correct usage for achieving intended results.
There are various types of epilators available in market, with the main ones being wet and dry. As the names suggest, wet epilators are to be used on wet hair, while dry epilators work on dry hair. You may choose any of these as per your preference. The wet ones are believed to cause less pain as you can use them while having a shower. Wet skin is more relaxed and desensitized, as a result you experience little pain. If you are new to epilators, it is best to invest in a small, cheap one and check how it works for you. Later, you may go for an expensive one with several features.

Wet Skin

Remember, a wet epilator works only on wet skin. Hence, use this epilator while you are in a bathtub or shower. Sit in a hot water tub for a minute, so as to open the pores of the skin and relax. Applying a little shower gel also helps to epilate the hair more easily. Submerge the epilator as well as the part to be epilated.
This will make the hair stand out from the skin, which can then be caught in the epilator easily. Pull the skin tight in order to smooth out the folds. The epilator works better on taut skin. Roll the epilator slowly and gently, so as not to miss any hair. Skin exfoliation and applying an ice pack or gel will help soothe the skin.

Dry Skin

You will have to use a dry epilator to remove hair from dry skin. It is imperative that your skin should be devoid of any oil or dirt. It is a good idea to have a hot water bath prior to epilating. This will relax the skin and open the pores, so that it becomes easier to pull out the hair.
Since an epilator works by pinching everything that comes its way, you should smooth out any loose folds of skin, so that they do not get caught in the epilator. You may also try rubbing an inflated balloon on the skin to create a static effect. This will lift the hair, so that they can be easily removed by the epilator.
Epilators do not work on long hair; if you try removing long hair with an epilator you may have to endure a lot of pain. Hence, it is wise to shave or wax your hair prior to epilating. Then wait until your hair grows to the shortest length removable by the epilator. Use the above epilator tips to remove hair when they reach a desired length.
It is recommended that you epilate your hair at least a day prior to the event for which you are preparing yourself. The above tips will help you to get smooth, hair free skin without much pain or discomfort.