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Emo Makeup for Girls

Kalpana Kumari
Emo makeup is fun to do. It is the right makeup for you if you love a bit of drama and impact in your looks.
The term 'emo' is an abbreviation of the word 'emotional'. It is described as an attitude and fashion that comes from emocore or emo music. The emo music is a combination of hardcore and punk music. Both were very popular in Washington DC in the late 80's.
Emo fashion is characterized by several unique ways of dressing up and putting on makeup. Emo clothing or its ways of dressing up includes wearing skin-fitting pants and a striped shirt. It is combined with a sad expression on the person's face. This typical look is further highlighted by dyed black bangs, a couple of body piercings, and heavy eye makeup.

How to Do Emo Makeup for Girls

Wash your face and neck well with a face wash suitable for your skin. Pat dry your skin. Apply a smooth and even layer of liquid foundation all over your face and neck with the help of your fingers.
Make sure that the liquid foundation is close to your natural skin tone, and gives you a calm, or more clearly a sad, look. If you wish, you may use a face powder or concealer of a suitable shade to meet the same purpose. Use a sponge or a makeup brush to apply the mentioned products.
A great emo makeup tip is that while applying liquid foundation, face powder, or concealer, remember not to put it on the inner corners of the eyes. Or else, you may end up with a caked look.
To do emo makeup for girls, you need to work a lot on your eyes. To start with the Emo eye makeup, apply eyeshadow. You may use out of variety of shades to create an emo look. However, darker colors and bright neons do extremely well. Do not smudge the eyeshadow.
Take an eyeliner stick or kohl stick, and apply on the lower eyelid. Try to apply the eyeliner or kohl in one continuous smooth line. You can start the line from either direction, whichever is comfortable for you. Emo makeup look requires a thick black effect.
Therefore, you may need to go over the first eyeliner line on the lower eyelid 4 - 5 times. Makeup experts prefer using a colored eyeliner to add vibrancy and glamor to the original emo makeup style. Smudge the bottom eyeliner a bit. It will give you a smoky appearance.
Now, focus on your upper eyelid. Repeat all the steps of putting eyeliner or kohl described above on the upper eyelid. Meet the eyeliner ends meet up at both the corners of your eyes. At the outside corner, extend the eyeliner line slightly towards your temples.
Apply black mascara to both upper and lower eyelashes. If your eyelashes are not thick, you may use fake eyelashes. As mentioned before, emo makeup focuses more on the eyes. Therefore, you need not use a bright shade lipstick on your lips. Go for a nude lip gloss so that all the attention goes on your eyes.
Emo makeup application for boys requires slight variations. You should apply only that amount of liquid foundation, face powder, or concealer which can hide dark spots and other similar imperfections on your face. The idea is to hide the fact that you have applied any cosmetic on your face or neck.
Secondly, apply eyeliner only in thickness which suits you and make you look nice the emo style way. It should not give you a painted look. Thirdly, application of eyeshadow is not necessary for boys. However, if you wish to try it out, go for a light amount of charcoal eyeshadow.
Put a little amount of eyeshadow under your eyes to give yourself a cleaner and even look. Avoid using bright colors. Lastly, usage of mascara is also optional. If you want, always use black mascara. Do try your hands at it and experiment with your looks whenever you feel like.