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Egg White Mask

Application of an egg white mask cleans and clears the skin of acne, and also makes the skin look younger. This story explains how to make an egg white face mask and the benefits of using one.
Aastha Dogra
'Egg white' refers to the inner white-colored ingredient of a raw egg which surrounds the yolk. Egg whites have many uses; they are used in cakes, they provide the body with protein essential for body building, and they are used in many natural beauty treatments. Many people vouch for the effectiveness and usefulness of an egg white face mask for improving the skin's texture and tone.

Method of Preparation

To prepare a homemade mask, simply break open an egg, and separate the yellow and the white portions by taking the yolk out. Add a teaspoon of milk and a few drops of honey, and mix properly with a spoon. Your mask is ready to be applied.
Use a brush for application, as using fingers to apply it can become quite messy. Start applying the mask on your forehead, followed by your cheeks, chin, and then the rest of your face and also your neck. Pay special attention to the creases of your nose while applying it.
Do not apply the mask around the mouth and the eyes as it becomes very tight after drying, and it can cause wrinkles if the skin on these areas is stretched beyond a point. Once you have applied the mask, leave it on for thirty minutes to dry.
Take it off by splashing some lukewarm water on your face first, and then gently rub the mask off. Once the mask has completely come off, wash your entire face and neck with lots of water so that no smell is left behind.


Egg whites contain ovalbumin, which helps to keep the viruses in check. They are also an important source of healthy protein. Lysozyme, which is present in the egg white, is known for its skin clearing properties. Lysozyme is an enzyme which performs the function of digesting bacterial cell walls. So, applying this mask is considered very beneficial for facial skin.
Below are some of the benefits.
  • Regularly applying this face mask shrinks the skin pores, thus preventing the accumulation of dirt and grime and putting an end to breakouts. Although some people say that the mask is very effective for acne scars, this is still not proven.
  • It cleans the skin deeply, making it soft, supple, and bright at the same time.
  • It helps to tighten the skin and if applied on a weekly basis, can delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck.
  • It is very beneficial for people with oily skin as it is very drying and aids in removing the excess oil from the skin.
An egg white mask is very useful for healthy skin. It will bring a radiant glow on your face, if applied every week. Do not use it if you have dry skin, as it can ovr-dry the skin. Also, do not apply the mask more than twice a week, as applying it too often can dry the skin out too.