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Egg Hair Mask Recipes

Naomi Sarah
An egg hair mask recipe is just what you need to bring out the best in your hair while restoring what it lost upon damage. Learn how to use simple concoctions that can help restore your hair's health, leaving you with easy-to-manage tresses...
If there's one thing that is not easy to do when it comes to self-maintenance, is taking care of one's hair. We're often left confused at the product section, on what will suit our hair the best, and if chemicals are the way to go, or maybe herbal? With the market always coming out with new and improved products, consumers are left dazed and in a fix when it comes to choosing the perfect product.
Packaging is alluring, and the fragrances don't make it any easier when it comes to wanting to smell fabulous when we're fresh out of the shower. So how do you take care of hair that's been put through a storm without any hope of ever looking remotely healthy? That is where an egg hair mask comes in. Egg is known to be able to sink through the core of one's hair strand, leaving it smooth to the touch. It can also help coat your hair with its protective silky layer, bringing in its suppleness, especially after a windblown day or when exposing hair to foreign pollutants.
Hair is prone to breakage if we aren't careful about how we comb it, or how much of it gets exposed when in the sun or when tossed about in a strong gust of wind. A hair mask that you can make from the convenience of your home, is just what you need. Using ingredients that are easy to gather up, an egg based mask will help reconstruct what your hair's lost but is a temporary fix to help it get back in shape (follow usage instructions to make the most of the hair mask recipes). You need to make these masks at least twice a week, if your hair is sending out a persistent SOS that needs acknowledging.

How to Make Hair Masks at Home Using Eggs

There are a handful of ingredients that go well with egg and when coupled, can make one great concoction for a hair mask.

→ Olive Oil and Egg

All you need is two whole eggs, beaten together with five tablespoons of olive oil. Apply this mixture evenly to your entire head of hair, and then using either a shower cap or plastic wrap, seal in the contents of this mix for about 15 minutes. Rinse it out thoroughly and notice how buoyant and smooth your hair becomes.

→ Baby Oil and Egg

Combine together 1 egg yolk with a teaspoon of baby oil, beating the two ingredients together, until nice and bubbly. Add a cup of water to this, and then gently massage the mix into your scalp. Make sure you cover its entire surface area with the mix, without dousing your hair with it. This is only meant for your scalp. Leave this on for 5 minutes, before rinsing it out. You'll find your scalp incredibly nourished and moisturized as you use this repeatedly over a period of time.

→ Honey, Olive Oil and Egg

Blend together two tablespoons of olive oil, two whole eggs and a tablespoon of honey. Mix this up well until a smooth consistency is obtained. Cover your entire hair and scalp with this mixture, and seal off the insides using a plastic wrap or shower cap. Leave this on for an hour while doing any house chore / activity until your time's up. Once you remove it, go in for your usual shower and avoid using a conditioner after you shampoo. This mix will do just fine if used twice a week.
These hair masks will help you manage those tangles better, with lesser problems linked to breakage and dryness. Just be sure to use these twice to thrice a week as directed and notice how your hair transforms into the kind you always wanted.