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Ultra Trendy Edgy Haircuts

If you are bored of your plain straight hair, then read on to know some edgy haircuts ideas, as per your hair length, thus, adding volume and style to your hair.
Pragya T
These days, edgy haircuts are getting very popular for both men and women. Many people like to sport short or medium choppy haircuts, however, even long hair can be styled edgy. Edgy hair is basically created by cutting the hair into choppy layers.
When these styles and ideas are paired with bangs they look even more great. Many times people tend to get a razor cut to get the soft wispy ends look.

Short Haircuts

When it comes to short edgy styles for men, the faux hawk is the most popular. Get the hair on the sides of your head cut into short crops and keep the center longer. The longer the center hair the longer the faux hawk style will be.
Then, cut the top section into deep choppy layers, so that the hair at the center is tapering and longest. Also, the hair can be cut choppy to get a spiky look. Then, the hair is styled upwards and frontwards with an extra hold gel.
Women are also able to pull off the faux hawk style. But, it's better to get longer front bangs when going for it. If you don't wish to opt for this style, then here is another idea. Get your hair trimmed till the middle of the neck, and cut them into deep choppy layered styles, with all the hair ends flipped outwards. Then pair it with sweeping side bangs.

Medium Haircuts

For medium-length type, one can consider Zac Efron teen haircuts.
For this style get your hair into a bowl cut, with the back section cut long and into pieces. Then, cut the front section into long sweeping side bangs. Cut the side section into pieces and tapering, and place them above the ears.
Women can consider going for choppy asymmetrical haircuts. For a bob edgy style, get your medium hair trimmed at the back very short near the nape of the neck. And cut the side section asymmetrical with the side parting. Then, cut the front section into choppy bangs.

Long Haircuts

To get the choppy layered style, get your hair trimmed till your shoulder or longer. Then, cut it in such a way that they have tapering ends and are cut into pieces, and are covering the face sides. Cut the back section into edges, and the front section into long sweeping choppy bangs. Run a razor after the cut, to get the soft wispy ends.
Women with long hair can use these ideas to cut them edgy. Cut it into deep-layered choppy style, and at intervals flip them outwards. With the ends cut tapering, trim the front section into blunt Cleopatra style bangs to complete the look.
So, pick a style which suits your hair length and go to a stylist to get the it done. To maintain your hairstyle you would have to keep getting a trim regularly every 6-8 weeks.
Furthermore, to add more texture to your styles, consider getting loads of skinny highlights of a color which is 2-3 times lighter than your base hair color, or get lowlights which are two times darker than your base color. Coloring your hair would make them look more edgy.