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Easy Ways to Side Braid Hair

Dhanashree Patane
Braiding is a traditional way to style hair, and side braiding has become the most popular in hair fashion and styling. If you want to flaunt those twirls by your shoulder, check these easy ways to side braid hair.
If there has been an eye on the knots of attraction, that our gorgeous celebrities have been braiding throughout this season, we are sure you know what's 'in' for hair fashion. Yes, it is the braid and guess how - striking a fall on one side! Side braids are the new and stylish edge among the different types of braids.
Be it the messy look or a neat crown, a braid thrown below the neck on the side of the shoulder is creating the most impressive hairdos. Do you want to keep it up with this latest trend? Well, wrong question. We all would love to have a beautiful creeper of braided hair, accentuating the creamy 'off - shoulder' dress or a simple yet bold casual look.
This requires minimal efforts and investments too. Now you will wonder how and why. Well, braiding is one option that leaves you with almost no cluster of clips and other stuff trying to hold your hair. A simple mousse or hair spray is enough to handle the side braid.
Clean and healthy hair and a simple rubber band or something similar is all that is required! Now, when it comes to braiding the hair sideways, sometimes it may get too neat or extremely messy (it wouldn't even look like close to a braid), may not completely stand on the side, etc. But side braiding when done correctly, will get you amazing results.

Easy Steps and Tips to Side Braid Hair

Side braiding is possible in all types of hair. Some do feel that layered hair cannot be braided well, as the strands tend to peep out of the braid. But if you have few layers, some that end near the chin and another two layers following, you can create a fab look with a side braid. With this braiding pattern, you get enough space to play with the crown.
So you can opt for a side or a middle partition. You can create a style on the crown only, by clipping the hair on one side and letting the rest loose. Or, go for a puff or French side braid just above the forehead, where the hair line begins. You can also simply puck a few strands from the crown to frame your face. Now let's see the procedure for the same.

▣ Hair can be washed or you can also opt for this braid with unwashed hair (as long as it is clean!). Comb the hair thoroughly, use a wide toothed comb for tangle free hair, without breaking them.
▣ Now part your hair from the side (most recommended) or as mentioned earlier, you can style the crown, for a more funky and stylish look. Get all your hair on one side of the shoulder behind the ear, depending on which side you want the braid to be.
▣ Carefully divide the hair from the nape of your neck (or lower if you want, if you have really long tresses). Divide them in three equal parts, by carefully parting each segment with a rat tail comb or your fingers.
▣ Start braiding the hair now, take the right section and crisscross it over the middle one, now take the left section and crisscross it over the middle one, continue braiding this way, till you reach about one to two inches above the length of the hair.
▣ Try a fishtail braid in this case. Divide the hair into two sections and remove a small part of the hair from the right section and cross it over to place it on the middle partition you made. Take a similar section from the side of the left section and place it in the middle partition. Continue the same step until you reach the desired length of braid.
▣ Now tie the end with a small rubber band. For a messy look, pull a few strands of hair loose from the crown, from one or both sides of your face. In case your hair is falling out from the nape, you may use some pins to fix them in place.
▣ Use hair spray to give a cleaner look to the braid. You may also accessorize the complete look. Use ribbons, tiaras, flowers and more, that suits your dress and the theme.
Using these tips to side braid hair, you can have a quick fix with the latest fashion for hair styling. It was easy right? So when you're experiencing a bad hair day and you just don't wish to let your tresses flow, follow these easy ways to side braid hair, and you are good to pamper a chic hairstyle! Happy Braiding...!