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Easy to Manage Bangs

Mukta Gaikwad
Wondering how to manage those gorgeous bangs? Breathe a sigh of relief and read on to know how to care for your bangs.
A hairstyle can take years off your face and completely transform the way you look. A few snips is all that it takes to get super sexy from the bygone plain Jane look. Bangs, are one part of hairstyling which can make or break your look.
Many times, we get bangs before realizing whether it will suit our hair type. As a matter of fact, bangs do not go well with frizzy or dry hair. They make the hair look disheveled and often ruin a look you'd want to wear for a formal meeting.

Side Parted Bangs

Side parted bangs can be either on the left or the right.
Either way, if you are having a bad hair day, you need to do something about them. Usually, if the bangs are long they can be easily tucked behind ears. However, the short ends on top can entirely spoil your look. On a bad hair day, use a straightening iron to iron them out.
A little extra combing or using some gel to make them sit in the exact angle will make your bangs look well managed. Pinning them to one side while they still wet, will set them well as your hair dries up naturally.

Straight Bangs

Straight bangs are a little difficult to manage. Because they fall straight on your eyes and cannot really be pinned up. The only way of making them manageable is that you permanently straighten that part of the hairstyle.
People with curly, dry, frizzy or wavy hair will have to especially be careful while getting straight bangs. If you are living in a humid weather condition, go in for permanent straightening of just your bangs. In fact it will make them stand out too, as the remainder hair will fall on your back in waves.

Short Bangs

Short bangs can get really irritating if they keep falling on your face while you are trying to work. To manage them, either keep them straight or pin them up. Blow dry your bangs if you do not want to use heat treatment on them. Deep conditioning can also help in keeping the short bangs smooth and silky, so that they fall in the way that you want them to.

Bangs with Parting

The best part about haircuts with bangs on both sides is that they can be pinned up or parted on either sides. To manage them, just blow dry your hair and comb them neatly, so that they gel well with the remainder locks.
Maintaining these bangs is the most easiest task, as compared to looking after other kinds of bangs.
All you need to do it take extra hair care to keep their texture smooth and soft. The moment they get frizzy, they end up giving you a bad hair day. The easiest way to look after your bangs is to straighten them out completely. Also to maintain their texture, you need deep conditioning at least twice a week.
Unnecessary exposure to wind, sun and extreme weather conditions can lead to rough hair and bangs with split ends. Always cover your hair with a scarf when stepping out, or pin them up to prevent any damage. It is difficult to restore the health of damaged hair. However, such an irreparable condition can be prevented by following simple rules of hair care.